CPR training: October 2, 2017

CPR training: October 2, 2017

I have felt the need to take a CPR class for years. Since David was born. (Yes, I know… better late than never.) I finally signed up and went! While I missed choir practice last Wednesday evening, I feel that this was a worthy reason, and recommend everyone taking the class . You never know when you are going to need it!
The class was about three hours long. It covered adult, child and infant CPR. How to use an AED, and general first aid. The first aid section covered pretty much everything!! Some of the material covered was common first aid. While other seemed pretty complex, such as making a tourniquet or splitting a broken bone.
David has been pretty bad about putting things in his mouth. He once put a rock in his mouth and choked on it. In his effort to call for help he projected it out! It gave us both a good scare! So far that is the only real choking incident. I do feel more knowledgeable about what to do after taking the CPR class. I pray I never have to use any of it!

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