Our Family: October 1st, 2017

Our Family: October 1st, 2017

Let me introduce you to my family! I am truly blessed with an amazing husband and two kids. I will start by telling you how my husband and I first met. Our happily ever after story. (I have always wondered what happened in those fairy tale stories in the ever after part!)

Andrew and I both attended Arkansas State University. We were in choir together. We were mere acquaintances . The first time he asked me out I actually said no! (I wasn’t exactly the social butterfly in college. I spent most of my time in a practice room!) A few weeks later he asked again! I agreed to a lunch date. The ironic thing is that our first date was on April fool’s day! The rest is history!

This is a picture of Andrew a few years ago at his ordination.


This is a picture of us when we were dating. We looked like babies! I also have the love struck look. This may be my favorite pictures of us. It was taken at a summer music camp I attended. Andrew drove all the way there to see me that summer. I was amazed!


David is our first child. He is now four years old. Wow, where does time go! Every time I see one of his baby pictures pop up on Facebook I get this weird mixture of feelings. David is a happy, energetic, and sweet boy! Like any four year old he has his “lets push all the buttons and see what I can get away with”  moments too. He can also say some of the funniest things!


Emma is our second child. She was born eleven months ago. She is beautiful, curious, and tries to keep up with David. Emma still has that baby preciousness about her. I can’t believe she will be one this month, already! She has just in the last week begun taking steps on her own.


This is our cat Zoe! She is a little over a year old. She has a very good nature! She does some funny things too! Here she is hiding in David’s Lego bin!


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