David Funnies

David Funnies

At David’s pre-school last week they learned about apples. On Tuesday they each had to bring an apple, and they had apple dumplings. Wednesday they took an apple and made apple sauce. Thursday morning I wasn’t sure whether they were supposed to take an apple or not. Here is the conversation that ensued.


David: “I think I should take an apple to school today just in case.”
Me: “Did Mrs. Wendy tell you to bring an apple?”
David: “uh-huh”
Me: Why?
David: “Incase we make apple cider today.”
M: “Okay, I guess we can take one and see what Mrs. Wendy says.”

It turns out they were doing a taste testing of different kinds of apples that day at school. I guess he was just hoping they would have apple cider! 🙂 I will have to make some!

One morning at breakfast, David began talking about their past Christmas play at school…
David: “At Mrs. Wendy’s gym I was a fairy!” (Their play was at a church gym.)
Me: “You were a fairy!?”
David: “uh-huh”
Me: “No, you were an angel.”
David: “Oh.”

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