Andrew’s home!

Andrew’s home!

YAY!! Andrew made it home from his conference today. We all really missed him!  We had a great week with Grandmama, who is leaving tomorrow.  Here are some photos of the kids spending quality time with Alesia.

On Wednesday for lunch we went to Red Lobster! It is one of my favorite restaurants, and I especially love their biscuits! Let’s just say I ate too many of them!! (Yes, we deviated from my weekly menu plan just a little.) Here are some pictures of Alesia, Emma and I at the restaurant. (David is at preschool)

The gluten free menu I planned worked out great this week! The chicken nuggets I made yesterday evening turned out pretty good. We all liked them! I used corn Chex cereal smashed up as the breading. It is really simple! All you do is roll the chicken pieces in a little butter and milk mixture, then in the cereal. Lay them out on a foil lined baking sheet and bake them at 400 degrees for about eight minutes on each side. My only complaint was that when I turned them over half way through a little of the breading stuck to the foil and came off, but not too bad.

I am going to hear my college piano professor play Beethoven’s fourth piano concerto tomorrow evening! I’m really excited to hear her play! She is amazing! My mom is going to meet me there! I’m glad we are going to spend some time together, just the two of us! Andrew is going to take care of the kids for the twenty-four hours I am gone. Thank you dear, sweet husband! Maybe when I return we will actually get to see each other again:-)




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