Fun, Music, and Food! Oct. 8th, 2017

Fun, Music, and Food! Oct. 8th, 2017

I had a blast with my mom this weekend!! We went to Longhorn Steak house Friday night and enjoyed a great meal together, and then went to the concert. Can I stress how nice it was to have mom and daughter time!!


The concert was amazing! A chamber string orchestra group  called the “New York Classical Players” and my former piano instructor from Arkansas State University, Dr. Clark, performed. The NY classical players sounded awesome! The music from their instruments vibrated through the room and the rests in the music were amazing! The ensemble breathed like a single being.  Dr. Clark was the piano soloist on Beethoven’s fourth piano concerto. It is a wonderful piece, and I recommend listening to it if you have not. Dr. Clark played the piece brilliantly!! From the loudest forte to the softest piano, her dynamics and phrasing were perfect. Her technique was flawless, and she made performing this piece look easy!

It was great to visit with Dr. Clark again too! I miss not seeing her very often.

Dr. Clark, Mom, Myself


Andrew survived with the kids! Just kidding, he always does a great job with them. He can even cook just about as good as I can! (Notice I said just about;) Speaking of cooking and meals, I have put together the menu for this week. I only list lunch and dinner, because breakfast usually consists of yogurt, fruit, cereal, etc. Except on Saturdays, when I sometimes fix waffles, pancakes, or cinnamon rolls…. Most of the recipes are not my own, and can be found online. I am on a Pioneer Woman kick lately, so I have been trying out a lot of her recipes. I find they are easy to fix and consist of ingredients I already have on hand.  Here’s the menu, enjoy!


Monday, Lunch: Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup

Dinner: Pork Steaks, Roasted Carrots, and Rice

Tuesday, Lunch: Polish Sausage and Beans (This is one of Emma’s favs, so I fix it often. We usually have green beans and cheese and crackers with it too!)

Dinner: Italian Chicken with Mashed potatoes and Green beans

Wednesday, Lunch: Spaghetti and salad

Dinner: Bean with Bacon Soup and Seasoned Crackers

Thursday, Lunch: B&B Soup (leftovers)

Dinner: Egg Omelettes

Friday, Lunch: Cheeseburgers and french fries

Dinner: Ramen Noodle Stir-Fry

Saturday, Lunch: Hot Dogs (Please don’t criticize, David loves them. We don’t eat them all the time!)

Dinner: Pizza (Homemade)

Sunday, Lunch: Taco Quesadillas

Dinner: eat out meal.



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