Ants! October 12, 2017

Ants! October 12, 2017

Arkansas has ants! I’m not talking about little harmless, pesky ants that show up at a picnic. I mean vicious, aggressive, swarming, biting fire ants. If you unknowingly step on their mound and don’t move, they will be all over your feet and climbing up your legs in seconds! Their bites hurt too. I have come to dislike ants about as much as spiders, mosquitos and ticks! Where we live now has a pretty big yard. We try to keep the ant mounds sprayed so they are not close to the house where the kids play, but they seem to just pop up randomly over night. Sometimes you can’t see the smaller mounds because of the grass. I told you all of that because today Emma and I were outside playing. She was practicing her walk on the grass, and had fallen down and got back up a few times. I then picked her up and carried her on the porch and felt a bite on my foot. I immediately looked down and saw a few ants. My first thought was that I had stepped on a mound somewhere and didn’t see it, but then I noticed ants crawling on Emma’s arm. I went into full panic mode! (Did I mention I hate ants!) I immediately began brushing them off her, and then took all her clothes off. She now has a few bites on her arms:(, which I doctored with benadryl cream.  The odd thing in all this is that Emma didn’t even cry! I’m very glad she didn’t seem bothered one bit by all this. My skin was definitely crawling the rest of the afternoon!

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