Saturday Fun! October 14, 2017

Saturday Fun! October 14, 2017

First of all, today was homecoming weekend at our Alma mater ASU! It is also the last homecoming for our beloved choir director, Dr. Miller, at ASU as he is retiring at the end of this school year. Andrew and I were invited back to sing the national anthem with the alumni choir at the homecoming game. I really wanted to go and see all our college friends and professors! With the long drive, and tomorrow being Sunday I couldn’t go. I am already taking Sunday off in a couple weeks for Emma’s birthday weekend, so I couldn’t justify taking this week off too. Andrew went on our behalf, and he had a great time. (I am jealous!) He will be getting home late!

David, Emma and I did have a good Saturday however! We just stayed home all day (except for the park), and did kid stuff! This morning we ate cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast, watched tv, and played with toys. Emma took her morning nap time, and David and I sat on the couch and did nothing for quite a while. It was nice!

David put all of his ABC’s in order on the refrigerator this morning! He was so proud:) I of course had to listen to him sing his ABC song at least twenty-six times! I can’t believe how big he is getting! Last night he was actually writing them himself on his little magna-doodle pad!


After lunch I took the kids to the park. (David was becoming restless, which means he was doing things just to get attention, which means he was getting into trouble, which means he needed to go outside and run off some energy!) After about an hour at the park, we were hot and tired! (It was about ninety-two degrees today!) We came home and cooled off with some ice-water, and then we were ready for nap time. Yes, I even took a nap today!

David likes to bring his dinosaurs to the park! It is so cute:)

At snack time David wasn’t too thrilled with his peanut butter and banana crackers. I told him that peanut butter would give him strong muscles. Then he started doing this pose!


After nap and snack time, the kids played out side in their pool and sprinkler! They both love playing in the water! David likes to run and jump in the pool, and Emma tries to chase him and do what he does! Emma is getting a lot more confident with walking now too! It is so precious to see her little body walking across the yard!



For dinnertime we made homemade pizza! It is one of the things David likes to do with me in the kitchen. He loves to try and press the dough out on the pan. He also likes to lick the pizza sauce spoon, eat the cheese and pepperonis as we are putting them on the pizza. He just likes to eat, ha!

The kids have had their baths and are in bed, the toys are all picked up, dishes done, and I’m tired! Good night!


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