Tea. Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tea. Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I love tea! I don’t drink coffee or soda (except for the occasional sprite or ginger ale), but I love my iced tea. Now, most people here in the south will think I’m horrible and crazy once they find this out, but I drink mostly unsweetened iced tea. Here at home we sweeten the tea a little, but when at a restaurant I order unsweet. It’s just the way a like it with a little lemon juice squeezed in! Please forgive me fellow southerners! I can drink unsweetened iced tea all day long! I’m not against sweet tea, and I will drink it on occasion. My grandma used to make a sweet tea you could almost pour on your pancakes, but I loved it because it was “her” tea!  I love fruity iced teas that you can get at some restaurants too, even though I’m sure those have sugar in them! There is no way they taste that good otherwise!

I also love hot tea! There is something about hot tea that is comforting to me, especially when it is cold outside or I’m feeling a little blah! (For some reason the two seem to be related.) I first became acquainted with hot tea when Andrew and I lived up north. It is pretty popular there, and for good reason. It is winter there about eight months out of the year. When you step outside and can feel your nose hairs freeze you need some hot tea! Let’s just say hot tea grew on me while living there, and it is something I still enjoy.

Today is a hot tea day for me. I’m feeling a little blah, but tea is helping me feel better. Thank heavens for tea! I still have a lot to do today!


Happy tea time!

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