Happy Wednesday! October 18, 2017

Happy Wednesday! October 18, 2017

Breakfast at our house is pretty laid back. It is generally just David, Emma and myself. Andrew doesn’t really do breakfast, except on certain days when it is part of his work, like men’s or youth breakfast at church. When we were first married I tried really hard to get him to eat breakfast by fixing him all kinds of things. It only worked for about a week. At that time he just preferred to sleep through breakfast. Maybe I wasn’t such a good cook! Haha! I have always eaten breakfast. My breakfast generally consists of a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. David will not eat cereal. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing I guess.) He likes yogurt, fruit, and pop-tarts though. Emma still eats her baby cereal, and some fruit for breakfast.

The picture below is of the kids eating breakfast this morning. David has all his monsters lined up around the table. His art supplies are also still out from the night before.  David wants to be a mummy for Halloween this year! Emma is trying to retrieve a piece of fruit that she dropped down in her chair:).


I cleaned house again today. (It feels like I just did that! Where does time go?) The floors in our house are like cement tiles that look like hard wood. (I obviously don’t know the proper name for the flooring.) Sometimes I sweep under the dining table two or three times a day because you can see all the food crumbs. Today I swept and mopped the floors. It’s a very good work out! The floors are very pretty when clean!

After cleaning, I began working on my slow cooker lasagna recipe. It was surprisingly easy and only took me about thirty minutes to make. We have to eat an early dinner on Wednesdays, so I like recipes that are quick and easy. Here is what the finished lasagna looked like! It was really hearty and delicious!


It was a good and beautiful day! I hope you’all had a blessed day too!


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