Fall Fun! October 21, 2017

Fall Fun! October 21, 2017

Friday is usually Andrew’s day off from work. This Friday we went to lunch together, (we deviated from our meal plan) and then we went to “Toys-R-Us” to shop for Emma’s birthday gift. I can’t believe she will be one next weekend!! Where has the year gone? We took Emma toy shopping with us. As we were walking through the toy store we would check to see if gifts were Emma approved! Ha :)! We did this with David too at this age. When Emma seemed really interested in a toy, it stayed in the cart. We found a few! I also have some of David’s toys put back that will be “new” to Emma!

Today,(Saturday), we had a relaxing morning and the kids played around the house. I took David to the library. We usually go on Saturday and return/check out new books. He also likes to play games on their kid computers. Both of our kids love books, and I am very happy about that! We had several apples needing to be consumed in some way. So I baked an apple pie this morning too! (I am getting better at this pie thing!)


After lunch we went to the pumpkin farm, and the kids had a blast! They had hay bails, and slides, and animals for the kids to pet and feed, and then we picked out two pumpkins. According to David we had to get a big pumpkin for him and a little one for Emma! So we did. (I will let you know later what they look like after they are carved.) I have an overload of pictures from today. Hope you enjoy them!

The horses at the farm were huge! I don’t know exactly what kind they were. All the animals were very friendly!

When we came here last year, David and I took our picture in this same spot. (Emma was there too, just not physically visible yet! My stomach was though!) It’s amazing how much difference a year can make.




David and Emma were tired when we arrived home from the pumpkin farm, and so we all took a nap.  After nap time the kids played, and then we went to dinner. There is a place called “Brick Town” that we like to eat at. They have a variety of American cuisine. We then stopped by the store to get a few needs before coming home. The kids are all bathed and in bed asleep. Good night!

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