Electricity! Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

Electricity! Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017

Today was a looong day!! At about 1:30am the electricity went out because we had some severe storms passing through. When the electricity goes off in this house the fire alarms also go off! Then they beep about every thirty minutes thereafter until the electricity comes back on. The electric turned back on around 4:30 or 5:00 am! God knew we needed to go to church! When Emma and I returned home from church around 11:30 am the electricity was off again! I am thankful for a gas stove! I was able to cook lunch without electricity. It turned back on around 1:30pm. There was a lot of tree damage around town, and we lost the kids inflatable pool. The wind probably carried it miles from here because I couldn’t find it around our neighborhood.  At least nothing was really damaged and everyone is safe!

Poor Andrew had meetings all afternoon, so he didn’t get any rest. David, Emma and I took a good nap this afternoon! Then we cleaned out pumpkins! It took a lot of encouragement to get David to stick his hands inside the pumpkin and pull out all the seeds and gunk! He did not like how it felt on his hands! 🙂 Andrew carved the pumpkins this evening after came back home.


After pumpkin cleaning we played outside, and then I started cooking dinner. David and Emma are starting to play together. Sometimes they chase each other down the hall way, or play with toys together.  I love it when they do this! Emma also discovered she can dance:) She will bend her legs up and down and bounce. She gets so tickled about it. I love her little laugh!

(I posted my prelude from this morning on the worship archives page!)

Here is our menu for the week!




Lunch: Leftovers (I need to clean out the refrigerator!) Dinner: Chili and hot dogs


Lunch: Chicken club sandwiches, Dinner: Pot roast, green beans and roasted butternut squash


Lunch: Roast  beef sandwiches, Dinner: Chicken Parmesan


Lunch: One pot broccoli Alfredo Pasta, Dinner: Ham steaks, white beans and corn bread


Lunch: Gyoza, rice and edamame 

(We are going to be out of town Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon)


Dinner: Tacos

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