Pulling teeth. Monday, October 23, 2017

Pulling teeth. Monday, October 23, 2017

David had a dentist appointment today. It was his six month check-up. Since moving here, Andrew has taken David to his dental appointments. Andrew said he did really well, and was treated to a biscuit and hash browns from McDonald’s afterwards. About a year and a half ago David fell and chipped one of his front teeth on the floor. It caused quite a panic! Anyway, we have been keeping an eye on that tooth to see if it changes colors.  It is starting to turn gray:(. The dentist wants to pull that tooth later in November. This way he doesn’t risk getting an infection. This mom is having a hard time accepting this…I’m not sure I can handle my baby being put out and his tooth pulled. (I am sorry if I seem a bit overprotective here, I know he is not the first kid to have to have a tooth pulled.) If we decide to go ahead and have it pulled, it will be harder on me than David, I’m sure!

On the list of things that didn’t quite go so well today. Andrew made me some hot tea to take with me to work. (He’s so sweet!) I was trying to pour it into my thermos and was doing it quite awkwardly for some reason. I spilled it everywhere, and a little on myself too, which didn’t feel so good! (This was definitely not one of my best moments!:)) I went to work without my tea.

On the brighter side. I cleaned out our refrigerator today, made a grocery list, and Emma and I went grocery shopping. I practiced piano some, and my students did good today at their lesson. Andrew made chili for dinner. We have an ongoing disagreement about chili around here. Andrew thinks chili should not have beans in it, and I think it should. I tell him if there are no beans, then it is not chili, it is a sauce. (Beans or no beans…?)


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