Check list. Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Check list. Wednesday, October 25, 2017

When going out of town, whether it be for twenty-four hours or a week, there are certain household chores I like to make sure are done. (I get this from my mom.) I like to leave the house clean, no dirty dishes in the sink, the dish washer turned on, trash all taken out, and preferably very little dirty laundry left to be done. It makes coming home more inviting. We are leaving town on Friday afternoon to go to Andrew’s parents house, where we will celebrate Emma’s first birthday. Emma’s party is on Saturday.(Her actual birthday is Sunday) The party theme is lady bugs. I bought her a cute outfit to wear. It has a number one on the shirt in red and white polk-a-dots and a matching skirt. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone!! Andrew and I both took this Sunday off! This is a rare occurrence. It usually only happens once, maybe twice a year.  We will enjoy going to church with Andrew’s parents before coming back home Sunday afternoon. Andrew’s church is having a party for the kids Sunday afternoon late, so we will try to make it back in time for that.

In an effort to begin checking things off my to do list. I cleaned the house (which is my usual Wednesday activity), and did laundry (yes, it still needs to be folded!). I also spent time with Emma, my favorite activity of the day by far! This afternoon I cooked Chicken parmigiana for dinner. I did my cooking while Emma was taking her afternoon nap. I had to deviate from the recipe a little because of this. The chicken turned out great, and the sauce was really good! However, because I cooked the noodles, and then they sat in the sauce in the oven, they became over cooked and too soft. Next time I will remember to cook the noodles very al dente before putting it in the oven, then they should be perfect. We all liked it though, except for Emma. (who is usually a spaghetti lover) I wish I had a video of her taking a bite of the noodles! It was hilarious! I’m not sure if it was because the sauce was different than what we usually have with spaghetti, or if it was because of the texture of the noodles. Either way, she was not going to eat it! She had yogurt instead.

Andrew and I were both busy this evening. He had a meeting and I had choir practice. I feel like we have only seen each other in passing today. We did eat lunch together, which was nice, but even that was quick because he had another engagement to get to. Some days are just like that. I look forward to spending more time together this weekend!





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