Time Flies. Thursday, October 26, 2017

Time Flies. Thursday, October 26, 2017

Have you ever had one of those days where time disappears and you don’t accomplish half of what you planned? Today was like that for me. After dropping David off to school, Emma and I made our walk at the park. We came home and she was ready for her nap. After putting her down, I did my routine pick up around the house. Then I wrapped Emma’s birthday presents for this weekend, uploaded David’s school pictures onto my computer and ordered prints. (His school pictures turned out good! It is so hard to get a natural looking smile from David when taking his picture. The photographer was able to get one good shot.) The next thing I knew, Emma was awake and it was approaching lunch time! I did not fix the one pot broccoli alfredo recipe I had planned to try today for lunch. Andrew had a lunch meeting, and I decided to go a different route. I had some chicken breast left, so I made chicken and cheese quesadillas for Emma and myself. After lunch Emma and I played outside, I read her some books (She loves for us to read her books!), we played with toys,  and then it was afternoon nap time.

I left a little early for work this afternoon because I had to stop by the Mercy lab and have some blood drawn. I have a slight thyroid disorder called hypothyroidism, which I take medication for. I have it checked a couple times a year. This is actually pretty common in women. I first noticed it about six or seven years ago. Every afternoon I would get fatigue. It would hit me about the time I was driving to work every day. I would struggle to stay awake at the wheel! It was a pretty scary feeling. I finally went to the doctor about it.

Work was good today. My students are doing excellent work. I have a good group of kids learning the piano! They seem to like learning and they practice well most weeks. We have a recital scheduled in December and each student is going to play two pieces.

We ate dinner together this evening! It’s so nice when we get to do this! Andrew cooked and I did the dishes. (We generally have an arrangement where if one of us cooks the other one does the dishes, when we are both home together.) The kids had their baths and bedtime.  Andrew and I then conquered our mountains of laundry! It is all folded and put away!  I did not get any packing done today. It’s a good thing we are not leaving until after lunch tomorrow!

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