Emma’s Birthday Weekend! Sunday, October 29, 2017

Emma’s Birthday Weekend! Sunday, October 29, 2017

Friday morning I gathered all our clothes and things, packed, finished the items on my checklist, and we were ready to go right after lunch. We picked up David early from school and headed toward Grand-Mama and G-pa’s house! (Andrew’s Mom and Dad, Jim and Alesia) It is a four hour drive from our house to theirs. The kids travel really well. David plays his kindle and falls asleep easily in the car. Emma does not fall asleep in the car! She did not sleep at all!!  Emma looked at books, snacked, entertained herself some, and protested a little along the way. Four hours and twenty minutes later we made it! (we stopped once)

The kids love visiting Grand-Mama and G-pa’s house! After we arrived they received multiple hugs, kisses, snuggles etc. They played with toys, we went to dinner, and then they played some more!  Jim and Alesia have a dog, Maggie, and David and Emma love her! Emma would smile and laugh when Maggie would come up to her or when her tail would wag in her face. It was so sweet and funny. They both finally went to sleep!

Saturday was party day! It was scheduled to start at 11:30 that morning. When Emma went down for her morning nap we prepared for the party. It was pretty simple. We had spaghetti and salad for lunch, and then cake and ice cream! Alesia did all the hard work preparing the food! (We picked up the cake from a local bakery.) I did balloons, table clothes, and then made sure Emma was dressed and ready.

The Party Girl!

The party was loads of fun! It was so good to see everyone who was able to come! My parents came, Andrew’s brothers and their families were there, one of my best friends came. We had a house full! David had a blast! He likes to interact with the adults and play with the other kids.


Emma was really good and I think she had fun, but was maybe a little overwhelmed by all the attention! 🙂 After Emma ate spaghetti, (she loves spaghetti and ate quite a bit) we sang Happy Birthday, and then she had her cake. She patted it, smashed it, and squished it with her hands! She would not eat it! I even gave her a taste of the icing, and she still was not interested! Maybe she ate too much spaghetti. When David had his first birthday cake, he loved it! He had it all over himself! It’s funny how they have their little differences. Emma was super cute with her lady bug party hat and outfit!


After eating we moved right into opening presents. Emma did not get the whole present thing, so David and I helped unwrap her gifts. Once she saw them unwrapped, she was then interested in what was inside the package! (For about two minutes 🙂



(Emma playing with her little cousins!! They were so cute together!)


After all that partying, Emma was tired! She then went down for her nap. We cleaned up and said good bye to those who had to leave. That evening I was sitting on the sofa reflecting on the day and it hit me. My baby was a year old! Her party had come and gone! I was a bit sad. Here are some good family pictures we took!

Poor sleepy Emma!
I heart!

Today we woke up and went to church together! As we were sitting in church during the minister’s prayer, Andrew reached over and held my hand. I thought about how rare and nice of a moment it was. (I know, I’m being all lovey dovey and sentimental at the moment. Please forgive me.)

Nana made this outfit!!

We headed home and made it back in time for the “trunk or treat” party at church. Andrew and David went. (David came home with a bucket of candy! No joke! There is no way he is eating even a quarter of that! What about all the candy and treats he will get this week!? Is it wrong to re-gift candy?) Emma and I stayed home. She enjoyed being out of the car and walking around the house. I unloaded things and cooked dinner. We had tacos! I love tacos! It is probably one of my favorite meals. I love the combination of taco meat, cheese, and sour cream! After dinner we gave Emma the presents she chose at the toy store! She loves them. David had a little melt down after dinner because he wanted to play with Emma’s new toys, and didn’t want her to play with them! It’s tough being four and an older brother!

Here is the menu for the week!



Lunch: One pot Broccoli Alfredo Pasta. Dinner: Spicy Chicken legs, carrots, and leftover pasta from lunch. 


Lunch: Polish sausage and navy beans. Dinner: Steak, Mashed potatoes and green beans.


Lunch: French bread pizza. Dinner: Chicken Tortilla soup.


Lunch: (we are going to eat out). Dinner: Pork chops, stewed apples, and asparagus


Lunch: Grilled Salmon, salad and rice. Dinner: Hot wings, celery and carrots, roasted potatoes


Lunch: Spaghetti. Dinner: eat out meal


Lunch: Meat loaf, green beans and macaroni and cheese. Dinner: BLT sandwiches with chips. 


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