Go Team! Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

Go Team! Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

Emma has been so exuberant the last few days! You can really see her personality developing. Last night she was standing on her head again. She would just laugh and giggle. She thought it was so funny. I was scared she was going to flip! I told Andrew she might be our little gymnast. She also loves her big brother, even though he doesn’t always reciprocate. When David is in his bedroom playing or when he has to sit in time out, she will go into the room where he is. She is curious about him or trying to console him I think. She also loves when he plays with her.  I love this stage of growth, always learning and curious.  My precious sweetheart!

Emma was ready for bed and being fussy. Andrew was trying to console her while I was finishing up the dishes. She thought it was funny to pull daddy’s hair!


I Heart!

We were walking yesterday morning and it was pretty windy and cold. Emma was not too happy about having to put all the extra clothes on. I thought she was adorable in them. (Thank you aunt Leah for the stylish hat!)

It’s cold!

We took a trip to Fayetteville today. We decided to go somewhere different. It’s nice to do that once in a while! Plus, this is the last free weekend until after Christmas. Northwest Arkansas is really beautiful and scenic! I love the drive over there. Beautiful mountains and trees. There is something majestic yet peaceful about it.

We went to Barnes and Noble! David loves to play with the trains in the kid section of the store. Emma and I read books and I chased her around the kid area. I love the bookstore! Then we went to lunch because it was lunch time and Emma was letting us know.

Satisfying Emma’s hunger!

We visited the mall in Fayetteville. I wanted to do some shopping. I’m generally not a big shopper, but every once in a while I like to do some shopping. Andrew and I come from different planets when it comes to shopping. I like to browse through a store. See what bargains they have etc. He goes in with an agenda, accomplishes it, and wants to get out. (Today especially because he wanted to get home and watch the Red Wolves football game!) I shopped for the items I specifically wanted to get and I managed to do a little browsing along the way.:)

David and Emma playing on the kid cars at the mall! There has been a definite price increase for the kiddy rides! I remember they used to be a quarter. Now it is at least a dollar. If I have a dollar, David gets one ride. After that he gets to pretend. He usually doesn’t care. He just likes to play on them anyway.


We treated ourselves to cookies too! David wanted the cookie with all the sprinkles, and Emma loved her half of a sugar cookie!

We all wore our alma mater attire today! Go Red Wolves!


We also did a little grocery shopping in Fayetteville today. They have a better selection of various items than what we do here. It was fun to walk through the store. We bought some cod, flank steak, and a few other items. Can’t wait to try the cod! I love seafood!

We listened to the football game on the way home, and finished watching it on TV when we arrived. Our team lost. Andrew was very disappointed, I was sorry, for him:). Life will go on. We still love our team. There will be other games.

Go team!

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