Sick Day. Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

Sick Day. Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017

When David woke up yesterday morning his little voice sounded pretty bad and he was just laying on the couch. He wasn’t running a fever and I was trying to come to a decision on whether to send him to school or not. We were eating breakfast. (David wanted a fruit smoothie for breakfast, and nothing else. The nothing else part is unusual for him. He usually eats a pretty big breakfast. He didn’t even drink all of his smoothie.) I asked him if he felt like going to school. (I’ve learned this is something I should never ask because the response is probably always going to be no! 🙂 I asked anyway… David said, “I’m not feeling well today. I think I should stay home and rest.” Surprise, haha!:)

Poor sweet boy!

The truth is he wasn’t feeling his usually perky self, so we agreed a day of rest would be good. He rested on his bed, we read books and he played his kindle. We made lunch. (David requested pizza, and since I’m a softy I made him pizza.)  He wanted to help me make it. Emma and David like pizza so it was a hit. After lunch, we went for a walk outside. It was really nice out yesterday, and the kids enjoyed being outside. They both took a good afternoon nap.

Andrew cooked dinner last night. He grilled the balsamic marinated skirt steak. It was really delicious. I made a pasta salad to go with it yesterday afternoon. I typically am not a fan of pasta salad, but I love the pioneer woman pasta salad recipe. It has cubes of cheddar cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes mixed with the pasta and the dressing mix. It is very good! I probably like it because it has cheese, and I love cheese!

Andrew had a meeting yesterday evening late, so when I got home a friend of ours was watching the kids for us. Emma was already bathed and ready for bed. We just read some books, and did our usual bedtime routine and then she went to bed. I am in the beginning stages of weaning her. It is a very different experience than with David. He weaned himself pretty much. Around six months old he bit me a couple times, and that was it. I was done. He didn’t really care. He was supplemented anyway. Emma has been solely breast fed from birth. She is a gentle soul and has never even tried to bite me. She loves nursing on demand, and I have enjoyed nursing her as well. We are down to three times a day. She won’t drink cows milk. She will take a sip and then that’s it. She loves yogurt. So we give her the Greek yogurt with fruit in it. Giving her the yogurt helps with her behavior when she wants to nurse. Eventually I hope she will start to like the cows milk. We’ll see what happens.

David helped me pick up toys before bed yesterday evening, and then he had his bath. When he was getting ready for bed he said, “I missed my friends today.” I said, “Awe, I know, I bet they missed you too.  Are you ready to go back to school tomorrow?” He said, “Yes”. Staying home must have been a little boring. This makes me happy and sad. I’m glad he likes school. I’m thankful he has such a wonderful place to go. He has a best friend named Miles at school. They love each other, and it is so cute. It is a Montessori school and the owner, who is David’s teacher, is really great! The kids all learn things at their own pace. I love that they learn everyday life skills at school too.  Here are some pictures of David from school. They send us pictures through the school app.

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