Happenings. Friday, Nov. 17, 2017

Happenings. Friday, Nov. 17, 2017

After our walk this morning, Emma had her time swinging in the swing at the park. She loves to go outside! Typically after lunch we go outside too. Emma has started going to the back door after lunch and letting me know she wants to go outside. This is all great except for when the weather is too bad and we can’t go outside! Then she gets upset about it. Emma is growing so fast! I treasure putting her to bed lately. She snuggles with her blanket, and cuddles up to me, laying her head against me. It is so sweet and precious. She is such a busy body when she is awake. She will let me hold her to read her books, play with her, or give her comfort when she has hurt herself. Otherwise, she has other things to do!

On the go!

Last night I was in the kitchen and Andrew called me to come and look. This is what we saw. 🙂


Emma loves bath time! She saw her tub in the bathroom floor and decided to get in! She gets so excited when you tell her it is bath time. She will go to the bath room and stand next to the tub. Wait for you to turn on the water, undress her, (This is the only time she will actually help you take off her clothes! She literally will step out of her pants for me!) and put her in the tub.

Andrew cooked us a delicious spaghetti ala carbonara yesterday evening! David and I pretended we were dining at a “fancy” restaurant. Daddy was the chef of course, I had to be the distinguished waiter, and he was the dining customer.  It was quite crazy, but David thought it was hilarious.


Andrew and I cleaned out our spider infested garage today! I wish I could say that was a joke, but it’s not. We swept out all the dirt and tumble-like weeds that had been blown in and then sprayed around the floor edges and windows with spider/bug spray. I don’t know exactly what kind of spiders they are and I don’t really want to know! I’m just glad that they are mostly gone now!!! While we were cleaning Emma was supposed to be taking a nap, but instead she just played. I don’t know why…she usually takes really good morning naps. Since she was up, we decided to go to lunch. We also went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a few things to assist us in next weeks cooking challenge! We bought a turkey baster, and a giant muffin pan to bake my rolls in.

Friday is David’s “treat” day! If he does well at school all week he gets a treat. He usually requests a donut or some ice cream! (He is definitely my child! I have a sweet tooth about the size of Texas.) Today when I picked him up we went to the library. We had books WAY overdue! So we returned those and checked out some more. David loves books too, and he always wants to read a library book or two before going to bed. Then he wanted ice cream from Sonic. He is so funny. He requests a small cup of plain vanilla ice cream. No toppings, whipped cream or cherry on top. When we have ice cream at home he does want chocolate sauce on it. I don’t know why he just wants plain at Sonic.

Andrew had a church youth outing this evening.  Because I forgot about this until today, our dinner plans changed too. I fixed polish sausage and beans. We also munched on crackers, cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes. It was simple and easy! The kids were really good for me this evening. They played together (somewhat) and watched TV. I made banana bread after dinner. I had a couple of bananas that had reached the stage of either make something with them or throw them away! Banana bread is super easy to make. David loves it and will eat some for breakfast in the morning.

This picture is from yesterday evening. David was playing with one of Emma’s toys, and she was trying to help him! He is understandably not very patient with her sometimes. He does not like that she messes up what he is trying to do. I tried to explain to him that she doesn’t completely understand, she is just learning, and she wants to feel important too. I don’t think he cares…. I love my little guy! 🙂

Emma wants to help! 🙂


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