Family Pictures! Tuesday Nov. 28, 2017

Family Pictures! Tuesday Nov. 28, 2017

I fixed polish sausage, navy beans, green beans, cheese and crackers for lunch today. This is one of Emma’s favorites. According to how she ate lunch today, that is an understatement! Emma devoured lunch! She ate almost as much as I did. I didn’t think she was ever going to stop eating! After lunch she played around the house while I washed dishes. We then went outside to play. When we came back inside she ate a cup of yogurt. She must be growing!

My sister, Leah, sent me the pictures she took of us while they were here. They are so good! I love them! I am happy to have several good pictures come from it. The kids wanted to play on the play ground instead of have their pictures taken, which is evident in some of the pictures. They are still cute though! I am saving my top three favorite pictures for our Christmas cards, but here are a few others I really love too.

Andrew was tossing Emma in the air, which she loves. I about had a heart attack while he was doing it, but it made for some good pictures. There were a ton of leaves where we were taking pictures, and the kids loved tossing them. When the kids were no longer cooperating we told David he could go play. David actually took off running toward the play ground, and we asked him to come back and hold Emma’s hand. It turned out to be one of my favorites. This is how the kids actually looked most of the time we were trying to take pictures. 🙂 Love this picture of dad and mom with the kids!





I posted a couple more student worksheets on my piano resources page today. They have a Christmas theme. I can’t believe there is only two days left in November! It doesn’t really feel like it is December.  The weather here hasn’t been that cold yet. At least not for more than a few days. It was actually very nice out today. The weather is not helping my Christmas spirit! Technically according to the liturgical calendar, advent starts next week. So the weather and I still have some time! I have not done any decorating or any significant shopping yet. (I’ll fill you in on our Christmas traditions later.) My student’s piano recital is coming up soon. We have one more week of lessons before the recital. I am going to play too. I always like to play for my students. It is good for them to hear their teacher play. It is encouraging, helps them see that I still practice too, and they are often amazed.

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