Madrigal Feast. Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

Madrigal Feast. Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017

Ten plus years ago Andrew and I were part of the ASU madrigal feast put on by the university concert choir and chamber singers. A madrigal feast is a dinner show and concert set in the medieval era. Andrew was the court steward for four years. I was a winch (medieval term for server) for two years and harpsichordist for two. You could say I moved up the medieval social ladder my last couple years! Yes, I got to play a real harpsichord! Two manuals, plucked strings and all. The madrigal feast was always a lot of fun. It also took a lot of time and rehearsal. Andrew and I had our first actual conversation during a madrigal feast rehearsal. It is funny how I remember that. We hadn’t started dating or anything yet.

This weekend ASU had their annual madrigal feast again. Due to the fact that Dr. Dale Miller (the director of choirs at ASU) is retiring in the spring, all the choir alumni were invited to participate in some of the singing. Andrew and I went. It was an evening filled with memories, nostalgia, singing, friends and fun! We both love Dr. Miller. He was a positive and profound influence on both of us. He has a definite passion for music, and cares about his students. We wish him the best on his new phase and journey of life!


There was lots of beautiful music! Brass, Bassoons, Harpsichord and singing. My favorite song was “E’en So Lord Jesus Come” by Paul Manz. It was sung as the blessing to the dinner.  It brought tears to my eyes. The sound was heavenly and the words beautiful and true.  (I included a link so you can listen.  E’en So, Lord Jesus Quickly Come by Kansas City Chorale.) Andrew and I enjoyed singing. We sang an arrangement of “Sing We Now of Christmas”, and then “Silent Night”, and “Lo How A Rose”. These are all songs we had sung in the past.


The kids had a wonderful time at G-pa and Grand-mama’s house! They love playing outside on the swing set they have in the back yard. Cousin’s Oliver and Robbie where there on Friday afternoon, and they were all running around the backyard and having a great time. Emma loved the slide. She went down again and again and again and again and again…! 🙂


Saturday morning we went downtown Paragould. They were giving horse carriage rides! While we were waiting our turn we browsed through some of the shops. David found a mask he wanted and Grand-mama bought it for him. He went around making scary faces and sounds at other little kids…I had to tell him to stop. I love our snow man picture though!!

Here we are on the carriage ride! David and Emma loved it!


This is the first Sunday of Advent! Hope is the candle and theme of the week! I played an arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” this morning. This is one of my favorite instrumental arrangements of this hymn. I hope you enjoy it! (no pun intended! 🙂

I made a brunch for lunch today. We had ham steak, birds nests, drop biscuits and asparagus. The birds nests are hash browns pressed into muffin tins, and baked until golden and crispy around the edges. The eggs are then dropped on top and baked until done. It’s cute and tasty!

Here is our menu for the week.


Monday: Lunch, Sandwiches and chips. Dinner, Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Tuesday: Lunch, Polish sausage and beans. Dinner, Steaks, hash browns and asparagus.

Wednesday: Lunch, French bread pizzas. Dinner: Queso Fundido (I’m going to try it in the slow cooker) I’m also going to grill up some chicken to go with it I think.

Thursday: Lunch, Chicken Wraps. Dinner, Pork Chops, stewed apples, and black eye peas.

Friday: Lunch, Quesadillas and broccoli. Dinner, Chili.

Saturday: Lunch, eat out. Dinner, Ham, white beans and corn bread.

Sunday: Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots. Dinner, Tacos.


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