Christmas Decorations. Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017

Christmas Decorations. Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017

Emma’s hair is getting so thick and long. It is starting to hang down in her eyes too much if not clipped back or put up. I brushed her hair and put it up in her first “pebbles” do the other day. It is so cute!! David thinks it looks funny and laughs, but I think it is adorable. (I used to watch the Flintstones as a kid. Don’t remember too much about it except for I like the theme song. Mom always bought the Flintstones vitamins for us growing up too. Most kids don’t know who the Flintstones are anymore. Why do they still make Flintstones vitamins for kids?)


Yesterday I cleaned house. Didn’t finish because I decided to put up some Christmas decorations and that took some extra time. It is definitely beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas around here! Yay! David was so happy when he came home from school yesterday. He walked in the door and said, “You decorated! It is so beautiful!! I love your decorations mommy!!” I love this kid! 🙂 David loves to get into the spirit of things! He has that wonderful kid amazement and awe at Christmas time. So far, each year his excitement and amazement about the holidays has become more and more. It is so fun and makes up for Andrew and I’s scrooginess at times. (Scrooginess is my made up word.)


I bought a little Christmas tree for David to decorate. It is the one on top of the table. He loves Christmas trees and I thought this would help satisfy him until we get our live tree. Traditionally we put our live tree up and decorate it on Christmas eve, and then celebrate the twelve days of Christmas following. There is something special and sacred about doing it this way. Andrew and I really like it. However, we often travel to see our families the day after Christmas, which means we don’t really get to enjoy our Christmas tree that much. This year I think we are going to put it up a few days before…? Andrew and I both have church services on Christmas eve. It is not unusual for at least one of us to have an eleven pm service on Christmas eve. I recommend going to one somewhere if you get the chance. The late service can be really meaningful and special. (Just sitting here thinking about it is causing me to tear up.) There is something about going to worship Jesus on the night of his birth, afterwards looking up at the stars and realizing that it is Christmas!

Andrew has three services this year on Christmas Eve, and I have two. While it will be meaningful and fun, it will also be a very busy and tiring day for all of us.  This is why on Christmas day we will enjoy waking up to David wanting to open presents, and then we will have a do nothing day! I will miss seeing our families on Christmas day, but will travel to see them the second day of Christmas! (This is one of the difficult things to adjust to in a life of ministry. We don’t have the luxury of taking off on the Christmas and Easter holidays!)

Yesterday afternoon I made the queso fundido  recipe I’ve been wanting to try! It turned out pretty good, but I learned a couple things. 1) Use a smaller skillet. 2) Use all Monterrey Jack cheese, or maybe Velveeta. I tried mixing Monterrey jack with cheddar, and while it tasted okay, it wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked.



We had a two and half hour rehearsal yesterday evening for our Cantata! The choirs are sounding great! It is going to be a lot of fun! I am tired today though. I feel like I have a cold or am coming down with one. Emma has had a cold or small virus the last few days. She ran a fever Tuesday, and yesterday she just kind of laid around most of the day. She seems to feel better today though. I am going to take a lot of vitamins in the next few days! My Christmas wish is for everyone to have good health and energy!


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