Declutter! January 2, 2018

Declutter! January 2, 2018



The only downside to the Christmas presents is all the mess. (Our living room looks like this a lot of the time regardless because we don’t have a playroom. I also like how David has his shirt on backwards in this picture! 🙂 )  Wrapping paper, bows, boxes, bags, packaging, and figuring out where to put all the new stuff! I have started year 2018 by cleaning out closets and organizing toys, books, and art supplies.  I cleaned our book shelves in the living room this week. I know this sounds gross, but I very rarely take everything off the shelves and dust them. 😮 I generally just dust around the contents on the shelves. Yesterday I put all of the age appropriate books for Emma and her puzzles on the bottom two shelves of one of the book cases in the living room, leaving an extra shelf available on the book case in David’s room. I also cleaned out David’s closet, making room for his games, puzzles, blocks, etc. and I organized all his art supplies and they are neatly arranged on that extra shelf! I used an old diaper caddy of his to put all the crayons, markers, and paints in. It worked great! There was just enough pouches on it for everything.  Today I cleaned out the guest room closet. Emma’s room is not a full bedroom, but a study room because it does not have a closet. We chose to use that room for her nursery because we wanted to keep the guest bedroom set up. We use the guest room closet to house some of Emma’s things, travel luggage, and gift wrapping essentials. I, for some reason, find it very difficult to throw away gift bags and tissue paper! I keep them and store them and hoard them! Today I sorted through and threw away some of the older, warn out gift bags that I should not use again. I still have a bunch even after throwing a lot away! I also neatly flattened out and folded all the good tissue paper, and placed it in a sack to be re-used.  I’m so proud of that clean closet and neatly organized gift bags! 🙂 It will probably take me the rest of the year to finish de-cluttering and organizing! 🙂

David loves his Legos! Andrew loves his Legos! 🙂



We took both children to the doctor today. (When Emma just lays on the couch with her blanket you know something is wrong! She is usually very active and curious.) David has a sinus infection and Emma an ear infection. They were both prescribed antibiotics. David is actually doing better, but Emma has been very fussy and will hardly let me put her down. We have been sitting on the couch together watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse, a lot! 🙂 Today I caught David sitting on the couch with Emma giving her a hug! It was so sweet! He told me he loved her. That made my heart leap a little.:)


I’ve tried a few new recipes! (I did not make any new year resolutions about food! It would be impossible for me to keep them anyway.:) Yesterday I made a mini-meatball casserole Mini-meatball casserole, except my meatballs didn’t turn out so “mini”.:) They tasted delicious however! There was enough left over for another meal, so I put it in the freezer. The meat balls consist of hamburger, sausage, an egg, crackers, salt and pepper, chopped parsley, and parmesan cheese. Brown them on all sides. (I cheated on the sauce and used two jars of Classico spaghetti sauce. 🙂 Then layer the meatballs and sauce with some al dente ziti pasta, cubes of mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. It was beautiful!



Tonight I made another recipe from the PW called Capn’ Crunch Chicken strips. Capn Crunch Chicken strips The poll is still out on whether we really truly liked them or not. The cereal breading tasted sweeter than what we are used to, however I did make the mistake of forgetting to salt them after they were done frying. They were definitely crunchy! I liked them and will try making them again. Next time I won’t forget to salt. 🙂


I also made some apple cinnamon bread today. We will have some for breakfast in the morning. Or maybe I’ll go try a piece right now!

Happy New Year!


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