Love and Glitter! Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Love and Glitter! Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Andrew and I had date night last night! We have not been good about setting time aside just for us in the last several months. It was high time we did something together, just the two of us! I had such a great time!!! I LOVE my date!!! He was so classy, charming, and a real gentleman. I hope he asks me out again! 🙂


We had awesome food and great conversation. We then went to the bookstore. This might sound lame, but I rarely get to go to the bookstore and look at books. Let me rephrase this. I rarely go to the bookstore without spending all my time in the children’s section. I love reading books to the kids at the bookstore, but once in a while it is nice to look at grown up books. 🙂 When we came out of the book store there were snow flurries coming down from the sky! I love seeing snow for the first time each year! It’s magical. 🙂 We did not get any accumulation however. We happen to live in the one part of the state that did not get snow! 😦

David is starting to prepare for Valentines Day. I know it may seem a little early, but last year I forgot about Valentines Day until the night before! We then had to hurry and put together a valentine box and cards for his party at school the next day. I promised myself I would do better this year! So I’m starting to think about Valentine’s Day a little early. We are trying to encourage David’s creativity and also instill in him that you don’t always have to buy something in order for it to be meaningful. He is making his valentines for his friends at school. We cut hearts out of construction paper and he is decorating them, and writing his name on them. ( I am helping him with his friends names.) We are also trying to teach him some of the characteristics of love. So in keeping with our advent wreath format, I have four red votive candles that we are lighting each night. The candles represent some of the different aspects of love: patient, kind, forgiving, and long lasting. All of these characteristics are necessary in any relationship!

While David was decorating his valentines cards he decided he needed glitter. In the past I have told him if he wants to use glitter he needs to ask for help. (The glitter we have is gold glitter in a tube, and it is easy to spill everywhere. Can you see where this is going?) Well, he did not ask for help, and now there is glitter all over the house! First I hear David say, “Uh oh, I made a mess!”, and then I hear Andrew say “Oh son!…” 🙂 When I went to see what had happened there were piles of glitter every where! The table, the chair, the floor, and it was being tracked everywhere! Andrew got the vacuum out and cleaned up the big piles of glitter, but there is still glitter. My floor just sparkles! 🙂

Andrew Cleaning Glitter!



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