Mom’s Day Out! Friday, January 19, 2018

Mom’s Day Out! Friday, January 19, 2018

Growing up I used to go shopping with my mom and sister. We were avid shoppers, shopping all day sometimes. We would have a blast. Now I hardly ever go shopping. One, I don’t always have a lot of money to spend. Two, It is hard to find time to go. Three, I am by no means a fashion artist, or even close to it. I have a hard time picking out clothes. I go back and forth, trying to decide what looks good on me. Sometimes I think I could be one of those people on the television show, What Not To Wear! Despite my difficulties with shopping, I did take a mom’s day yesterday! I haven’t done this in a very long time. I enjoyed the time to myself, and to my surprise I did have a fun time shopping. (It helps that I had some extra money to spend!) The stores were having some good sales and I bought a few tops, some much needed shoes, and jeans.  I also had lunch with Andrew! We went to a Pho restaurant. Pho is Vietnamese cuisine. The soup is typically a beef or pork broth with rice or egg noodles, and it usually comes with a variety of different mix ins. Andrew and I really liked the soup and the best part of course was the company! 🙂

In one of my previous post I told you about Emma climbing on the table. Well, our little climber has been at it again! Wednesday evening after dinner, Andrew was doing the dishes and I was sweeping under the table. I noticed Emma was quiet and I didn’t see her in the living room. I decided I should investigate her whereabouts. This is where I found her!

20180117_180514_HDR Look at that guilty face! I tell you what, it is a wonder she didn’t fall and break something! She has been fascinated lately with climbing upon David’s steps and looking into the mirror. She has also apparently been wanting to use his toothbrush. I bought her a “real” tooth brush and some training toothpaste. Last night we brushed her teeth just like David does…she thought that was so amazing. She doesn’t know how to spit and rinse the tooth paste out yet. 🙂

Wednesday after school David was having one of those days. Everything that didn’t go exactly right or the way he wanted it to was a major crisis, and he would go into melt down mode! (He hasn’t done this in quite a while.) After one of his meltdowns I asked him why he was crying, and if he had had a bad day at school. He replied, “Yes. I got into trouble.” I said, “Why, what did you do?” David said reluctantly, “I was rolling around on the floor, and I had to go to time out.” I left it at that because I hadn’t talked to his teacher and didn’t know exactly what had happened. I then contacted his teacher and she said that David had indeed been rolling around on the floor and disturbing the other children during circle time. :0 He has apparently been doing this for a while and she has been able to redirect him, but Wednesday he just kept doing it and so she had to put him in time out. She said David responded to time out by saying “This is just awful!”. 🙂 I then talked to him about how to behave during circle time, and told him he needed to listen so the other children can listen too. Then I did the parent thing and threatened to not let him watch tv (specifically Godzilla, because this is what he loves to watch right now) after school if he didn’t behave. Yesterday his teacher said he did good. So we will see what happens today.


My sweet little guy! I just love him!! This is David at school. It has been so cold outside that they have been doing activities to do with the cold weather. This is David’s felt snow hat. You can’t really tell from the picture, but one side is colored and the other is not. 🙂 Bless his heart, we all have our days!


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