Quiet. Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quiet. Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I am sitting here petting Zoe and enjoying the quiet. (Except for Zoe is purring like a motorboat! ha!) It has been very quiet around here without Andrew. We were sitting at the dinner table tonight and David said, “It is really quiet.” He was right. The television was not on, we were busy eating, and there was no noise. That doesn’t happen too often! The kids and I have been surviving without Andrew, but we miss him. (We Miss You! Can’t wait to see you! Love you!)

Emma has been singing a lot lately! She sweetly says, “la-la-la” and sways her body back and forth. It is so cute! She also claps her hands when I sing the “If Your Happy and You Know It” song. She is so smart! She loves her little board puzzles. Particularly the Mickey Mouse characters puzzle. She puts it together over and over again. She will even carry the little pieces around with her, especially the mickey mouse.  The other day mickey mouse was lost. Emma was upset because we could not find mickey mouse! She would not do the puzzle without mickey mouse! She walked around the house with a sad face, looking for him. (It was really very cute and funny!)  I had looked under the couches, the rugs, in closets, and drawers, but could not find him. Finally, I remembered that Emma was in the guest room the day before, and sure enough, there was mickey mouse laying on the chair by the window!  Emma’s face lit up when she saw that I had found her mickey mouse. She immediately went and did the puzzle!

I cooked steak last night for dinner. This is usually Andrew’s thing. He loves cooking steak, and does a great job. I have learned a lot about cooking steak from Andrew, and I can now cook a pretty mean steak! 🙂 I had never eaten a steak that was not VERY WELL done until I met Andrew. One of our very first dates was to a restaurant called the Butcher Shop. It was a low light, romantic atmosphere, great place to try your first NOT well done steak restaurant. It took a lot of courage and love for me to try my steak at any other temperature other than well done! I loved it! It was so tasty and tender. I have eaten my steaks medium to medium well (depending on where we are at) ever since.  I love cooking steak at home! It is really very versatile too. I have a whole steak left over that I have wrapped up. I am going to have steak salad tomorrow, and fajitas later this week. All I have to do is heat it up slightly.


Yesterday after dinner we had to go to the store to get milk. (I discovered we were on empty!) While we were on our way to the store David tells me it is his dinosaurs birthday, and he wants to celebrate it with cake and ice cream. I happened to be in the mood for something sweet myself, so I agreed to ice cream. 🙂 We found some birthday cake ice cream at the store! We then had a birthday party with all of David’s stuffed dinosaurs when we returned from the store. It was so cute! David had all his dinosaurs in the chairs, and then he sang “Happy Birthday” to the dinosaur with the birthday. He and Emma then ate some ice cream. 🙂



David got in trouble again today at school! His teacher said he was rolling around on the floor and disturbing the other kids again. Sigh! I don’t know why he is doing this! He knows he is going to get into trouble. So today after school we talked about it again, and he was not allowed to watch any television. This may not sound like much of a punishment, but he loves watching godzilla after school. When I told him he could not watch tv or godzilla, he went into tears. You would have thought I did something terrible to him. We will see what happens in the days to come! I hope this phase he is going through passes soon!


I made simple sesame noodles for lunch today, and I added soft boiled eggs and carrots to it. It was very tasty, or so I thought. Emma seemed to have other thoughts about it. 🙂 She liked playing with it and feeling it with her hands. She did try eating it, but the only thing she really liked was the carrots.  I love a light lunch like this. Quick and easy to make too. Here is the recipe! Simple Sesame Noodles


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