Random Thoughts. Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Random Thoughts. Wednesday, February 7, 2018

I had a great time at my first super bowl party!! There was tons of delicious food (of which I ate more than my share), and great company! I would definitely consider doing it again next year. Our host did an amazing job making every one feel welcome and at home! The kids had fun playing with the other kiddos. (David was so excited about going to the party that he couldn’t take his nap Sunday afternoon! 🙂 )  Emma was the only girl in the midst of a bunch of boys, but she didn’t care! The corn dip was amazing! I LOVE it! In fact, I’m still munching on the leftovers.  Here is the recipe

My bbq chicken bites turned out pretty darn good too! Andrew even requested I make them again! I used a beer batter to fry the chicken bites in, and then a used a sauce recipe that I’ve been using for years to toss them in. I forgot to snap a picture of them, so next time I make them I will share it with you!

Andrew and I have our morning routines, and it sometimes varies depending on the day of the week and what’s happening on the day. A couple mornings I have emerged from our room to find them all snuggling in front of the tv. The other morning Andrew “rescued” Emma from her crib! 🙂


Isn’t that so sweet!!! I love this picture! 🙂 Also, notice Zoe staring out the window. This is her morning routine. She can’t wait for us to raise the blind so she can look out the window in the mornings. She gets more excited about that than she does her breakfast! It’s because there are little birds that fly around in our flower gardens, and she stalks them from inside! 🙂


It’s a good thing there is a window between her and the birds!

Emma had her fifteen month well visit to the pediatrician Tuesday. She is growing, upwards! She weighs a whopping 20lbs, 15oz, and is 33.5 inches tall!! Poor thing, she can’t help being tall and skinny. It’s in her genes! 🙂 I laid her down for a nap a little bit ago, and she is in her crib playing. Sigh! However, I would almost swear I heard her say “Mama”! It was so sweet to my ears! (It will be, until she starts repeating it constantly!) She will say David, and Dada, but when we try to get her to say Mama she just stares at me and grins really big! 🙂  Oh well… I know she loves me by the sparkle in her eyes and the gleam on her face.

I mentioned a while back that I was going to try and be more prepared for valentines day this year. Well, I’m not really! David’s valentines day parties are Tuesday and Wednesday, NEXT WEEK! David wants to make a godzilla valentines day box! I have no idea how to make a godzilla valentines day box!!!! I can’t really find any ideas on pinterest either! Any ideas on how to make a godzilla shaped valentine’s box? I sure could use some suggestions!   David has been working on his valentine hearts for his friends, and those are almost done. It’s so sweet that he wanted to make his own valentine cards! I have purchased Andrew’s valentine’s day gift! (He doesn’t know what it is, Hehe!)

Random thought alert #1! Andrew calls valentine’s day, “singles awareness day”!  He is slightly joking when he says this, but however true, it shouldn’t be. We can show love through acts of kindness to anyone! So I hope EVERYONE has a happy Valentine’s Day next week!

Random thought alert #2! Valentine’s day and Ash Wednesday are the same day this year! Which means Andrew and I won’t be celebrating Valentines Day on Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday is the first day of the season of Lent. The first Ash Wednesday service I ever attended I was not prepared for what it was all about.  I found it to be weird and a little scary. They literally rub ashes on your fore head! Even after doing research and understanding the meaning of it, I still find it an uncomfortable service to attend. Maybe that is the point!? The ashes come from the palm branches used on Palm Sunday the year before. They are burned and made into ashes. The ashes are a symbol of mortality, repentance, and purification for sins. The use of ashes has a longstanding history in the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Emma finally fell asleep! Now I have to wake her up to go get David from school! Oh boy….


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