Balm In Gilead. Sunday, February 25, 2018

Balm In Gilead. Sunday, February 25, 2018

There Is A Balm In Gilead. I used to be averse to this hymn. As a youth, and even in the not so long ago past, when we would sing this hymn I just didn’t get it. I love most hymns! I have a list of hymns that are my favorites, those that are not so much, but this hymn was just annoying to me. Andrew and I have even jokingly between ourselves made fun of this hymn. However, after seeking out some education about the meaning of this hymn, it has grown on me. I have actually started to like it! It also can have a beautiful, flowing melody if played correctly.


The “Balm in Gilead” is a reference from the old testament, but the lyrics of this hymn refer to the healing power of Salvation through Jesus Christ. I also found out when looking up this hymn that the same phrase is quoted or mentioned in Edgar Allan Poe’s the Raven of 1845! How cool is that?!

Guess what I played at church today? That’s right!! I usually just post these audios on my archives page, but I thought since it was kind of a topic for today I would put it here too!

(Please overlook the wrong notes on page three! I didn’t get to practice as much this week!)

Speaking of healing power, we sure did need it around our house this week!!! First David was sick, then Emma. Bless her little self, she doesn’t have any extra pounds to lose. So we were a little freaked out when she threw up Wednesday evening. She only threw up once, but her appetite hasn’t been great the last few days. Andrew had it through the other end a couple days, and didn’t tell anyone! :0 I was down for the count all day Friday and spent yesterday recovering. UGH!!!  On the positive, sunny side, we made it through the week, we are all feeling better, I shed a few unwanted pounds, and the sun is shining today!

David has a pretty good size Thomas the train collection with the wooden track. He used to play with it all the time, and then it got old… All of a sudden yesterday he pulls it out and wants to build a track and today he was actually playing with it! I love watching him play! He has such a good imagination.

Just a little while ago I found both David and Emma jumping on our bed! I believe David helped Emma climb upon the bed…!  I tried to snap a picture, but they were all pretty blurry.

I don’t remember exactly what brought on the conversation, but last night we were talking about church or something (surprise, surprise!). David said he wanted to go to a “cafe church”. “One where they only serve cinnamon rolls!” 🙂 Ha ha!

Wednesday for lunch I made a super easy mac n’ cheese with bacon and peas! It was very easy to make, and also very yummy! We even had enough to eat with our dinner the next night! All you have to do is boil pasta, add some butter, milk, cheese, some frozen peas, and then cooked bacon at the end. Here is the recipe


I have this little handy, dandy, microwaveable bacon cooking tray. When I need four or five slices of bacon cooked up crispy and fast, I just pop it in the microwave. It’s also less mess and the tray is dishwasher safe! I love kitchen gadgets! 🙂


Here is our menu for the week! Andrew helped me plan this week. My stomach didn’t feel like it! Also, I just want to tell you how awesome Andrew was in taking care of me and the kids Friday! I was useless all day! Andrew took care of everything! He is such a great man, my hero! 🙂



Monday: Lunch, Turkey club sandwiches and chips. Dinner, Pan Roasted Chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

Tuesday: Lunch, Roast beef Sandwiches. Dinner, Pork Roast, asparagus, and risotto.

Wednesday: Lunch, “Eggers Can’t be Cheesers” (There is a story about Andrew’s burger cooking spree that I will have to share later.) Dinner, Spaghetti and meatballs.

Thursday: Lunch, Pulled pork sandwiches and chips. Dinner, Steak, baked potatoes, and asparagus.

Friday: Lunch, Polish sausage, navy beans, and green peas. Dinner: Smoked Ribs, fried potatoes and baked beans. (The ribs are in our freezer. We didn’t have them as planned this last week.)

Saturday: Lunch (eat out?) Dinner: Beer battered fish and chips.

Sunday: Lunch: Meat loaf, Cheesy potatoes, and green beans. Dinner: Pop-eyes, bacon, and hash browns.



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