Wacky Wednesday! February 28, 2018

Wacky Wednesday! February 28, 2018

David’s class has been celebrating Dr. Seuss at school for the last week and a half. They were all asked to take their favorite Dr. Seuss books to school to read. This was hard for David because he has so many favorites! Lately his favorite has been McGrew’s Zoo. He loves to read about all the funny, wacky looking animals McGrew would put in his zoo! They have had all kinds of crazy fun at school the past week, and today they were having wacky Wednesday. They were encouraged to dress wacky! I don’t do the whole wacky thing very well, but David was into it! He wore a pair of my mis-matched, wild colored socks. Mis-matched shoes. I tried making his hair spiked and wacky too. It really just looks like we forgot to brush it today! 🙂 I didn’t think of it or I would have had him wear one of Andrew’s ties!



Zoe has been her wacky cat self lately! The past few nights we have had to keep her out of David’s room before we put him to bed. Zoe has tore the netting under his mattress, and is able to climb up in it. Before we have been able to lure her out with cat food or treats. Lately she has been too smart for that! She will sneak into his room and climb up in the mattress right when he is ready for bed, and we cannot get her to come out! That ornery cat!

There are signs of spring popping up!


The purple flowering weeds (I happen to think most weeds with flowers are beautiful! I also love dandelions! 🙂 ), easter flowers are starting to poke out of the ground, and the grass is starting to turn green I hope it lasts! Today has been rainy so far, but Monday and Tuesday were beautiful. Emma and I were able to make our walk and play at the park. The fresh air has been great!

Look at that cutie patootie! Emma loves to play on the slides, and in the rocks!


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