Spring Break! Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring Break! Saturday, March 17, 2018

Emma discovered the sand box at the park this week. She loved feeling the sand on her feet and through her toes. It made me want to take the kids to the beach this summer! She also discovered the mud under the swing!

She’s so sweet! Her hair is getting so thick and long. I love how it curls up at the bottom!

Andrew and I met with David’s pre-k teacher about his kindergarten readiness this week. She bragged about how well he is doing, and how brilliant he is. I already knew this of course. 🙂 She also noted that David doesn’t really have an interest in coloring (His creativity comes more through building things!), and the muscles in his hands are still weak causing his little hands to tire after coloring or writing for several minutes. This is obvious because he switches hands when coloring or writing. This of course can be worked on. The real concern is his maturity. He has a summer birthday, and is a little younger than some of the others. The bottom line is we are not sure whether he is going to kindergarten this fall or not. We don’t need to make a decision about this for a few months, and kids can change a lot over a few months.


This week has been so busy! Maybe not any more than any other week, but with preparing to go out of town it felt like it. I cleaned house all week, did LOADS and LOADS of laundry, cooked, washed dishes, taught lessons, practiced, and packed clothes for the kids and myself for this weekend/week. The time flew by!

Andrew dropped me off at the airport this morning, and here I am in Orlando! I am here attending the Music Teacher’s National Association Conference. It is one of the best things about being an MTNA member! There are so many benefits to attending this conference I can’t even begin to name them all! The concerts, sessions, networking, and exposure to composers and new publications is phenomenal!

I arrived early afternoon, so I had some time to take a walk around the resort. It is stunningly beautiful here! (I so want to retire to a beach front home one of these years! One of my life dreams is to buy beach front property somewhere.) I also spent some time soaking up some sun at the pool!

Flying makes me think about Heaven, the many miraculous creations of the earth, sky and space, and how powerful God must be and how little we actually are. I don’t think our minds can ever fully comprehend how beautiful Heaven must be.


Speaking of Heaven, David has been asking questions about God and Heaven recently. He asked me, “Where is Heaven?”. I had to think for a minute, and then responded with my once childhood belief of “It’s way up in the sky, above the clouds and space. Somewhere where nobody knows”. I probably should have answered “I don’t know, but God tells us there is a Heaven and we have to have faith that it exists”. I have watched too much Star Trek with Andrew about space fluctuations, time travel, supspace, etc….  I think God is so powerfully creative, He exists in all time and space, and therefore there are many possibilities as to the “whereabouts” of Heaven.

Andrew is going to join me tomorrow here in Orlando and we are making it a mini vacation for both of us. The kids are staying with grand mama and g-pa this week! I will be google duoing them all week! I MISS  my babies, and hope I can survive this trip emotionally. I know they are having a great time with Jim and Alesia, and that makes it a little easier. I am looking forward to some much needed down time though! I believe every mom NEEDS a vacation and some “me” time once in a while. It helps renew your mind and spirit.

Happy Spring!


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