House Hunting! Saturday, April 7, 2018

House Hunting! Saturday, April 7, 2018

We have spent the last couple of days house hunting! It is an interesting experience looking at homes. I suddenly feel like an episode of house hunters. (I watch too much HGTV!) Andrew and I have had some differing opinions on what we want in a home. Andrew likes the brand new homes where everything is shiny and new. I’m not afraid of a little fixer upper as long as it has the square footage. Also, I like more yard space between houses. When the houses are all squished up together in a neighbor hood I feel claustrophobic. Andrew doesn’t care if a house is in a neighbors yard. We looked at several houses, and I think we have found one that I talked him into! 🙂 It has the square footage we are looking for, but it does need a little tlc. We are still a long way from being able to say we bought a house, but I’m hopeful.

I am thinking about wall colors, carpets (I believe we prefer carpet in the bedrooms), and refurbishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I have no experience with do it yourself projects like this. I could use some painting advice, color palette ideas, etc. Are there any websites or apps that are great for this?

David and Emma went house hunting with us. They were real troopers considering the long drive and everything! We did find time for a little fun too. Yesterday morning we went to the Memphis children’s museum. It was really awesome! I took a few pictures of the kids. Emma was mesmerized by the carousel! This was her first time on a carousel where she was able to sit on the moving horse.

Both David and Emma loved the water tables. David tried very hard to catch a fish. He became frustrated because he couldn’t catch one and threw his pole into the water. (A little like Papa?) Another kid came up and grabbed the pole. David went into melt down mode because he wanted his pole back. We had to have a lesson in sharing and waiting patiently for another fishing pole. He finally got another pole and caught a fish. 🙂


We are all spending this cold spring day inside, recuperating from driving and house hunting.



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