Home Owners! Friday, April 13, 2018

Home Owners! Friday, April 13, 2018


We Bought A HOUSE!!!! We bought a house? We Bought A HOUSE!!!!!!! Isn’t it beautiful!! What color should I paint the front door? That’s a magnolia tree in the front yard! I am super excited!!! It’s the house I had to do a little sweet talkin’ and nudging to get Andrew to come around to. 😉 We put an offer in on Tuesday evening, we came to an agreement, and the house inspection was today. The inspection came back good with only a couple minor things to fix! The seller is going to replace carpets in the bedrooms and do the painting for us. We just have to pick out the materials! I have ordered a new area rug for the living room that I’m going to use as a color palette. I’m so happy to be getting a new area rug for the living room! I was thankful for our current one, but I am getting pretty sick of it now! 🙂 I want to refurbish our coffee and end tables, and David’s chest of drawers. There are also a few other projects I will want to do in the future to help spruce up the kitchen and the bathrooms! I can’t believe we are going to be home owners! Since when did we get so old? I hope we can handle it! We’re not very good diy’ers! I’ll have to watch a lot of “how to” videos on youtube!

Other than buying a house, it has been a pretty normal week around here. We are still waiting for our appliances to be fixed, so I have had to deviate from our meal plan slightly. Oh well, it keeps things exciting. Emma and I have come down with a terrible cold! ICK! I thought this sort of thing was supposed to be over and done with for the spring and summer!

Yesterday evening I was doing the dinner dishes. David and Emma were playing around in the house, and I couldn’t see or hear Emma. I asked David, “Where is Emma?” He comes back into the kitchen and exclaims, “Emma thinks Zoe’s litter box is a sand box.” You cannot imagine the horror of hearing this phrase!! I immediately went and picked Emma up off the floor (yes, she was playing in cat —-!), took her to the bathroom and scrubbed her with soap and water! I was mortified! She has never bothered the litter box before, and I don’t know why, but she was getting into everything yesterday evening!

The weather was beautiful yesterday, and I put a sweet little dress on Emma. She was playing outside, and I decided to take a picture. I couldn’t get her to pose, she was too busy!


The other day after I came home from teaching I took the kids out on the back porch to play. Zoe went outside too as she usually does. We had not been out very long, and Zoe went crazy! She was hissing and MEOWing at all of us. This is the same reaction she has had before when spotting another cat outside, but this time I didn’t see anything! I don’t know if she thought she saw a snake or what. It was insane! Emma just stood there staring, and David was crying it scared him so badly. I had to take the kids back inside, and we left Zoe outside. I explained to David that Zoe was just scared and trying to protect us. He eventually calmed down and agreed. Zoe was on edge the rest of the evening though. I don’t know what it was! Cat craziness!


David has had this thing lately where he finds it funny, or it’s his way of getting attention…I’m not sure. He will say “poop” or phrases similar. (No actual bad words, yet. I dread that stage!) I know this sounds almost funny as I write it, but it’s not! It’s annoying!  I don’t know where he is getting it! Maybe it’s because he is a boy? When he starts talking like this I send him to the bathroom…I am trying to get him to realize we don’t talk like this. That these are potty words, but it’s not working! SIGH! HELP!


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