Nothing As Planned. Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nothing As Planned. Tuesday, May 15, 2018

NOTHING has gone as planned since I closed my tablet from blogging last week! Towards the end of writing last Wednesday, I was feeling some discomfort in my left side which I thought was because I ate too much bacon on my blt sandwich. Generally a price I’m willing to pay for bacon. However, as the afternoon progressed it only worsened. By about three o’clock I called Andrew and told him that something was not right. We picked David up from school and went to the emergency room. A good reverend friend of ours picked up the kids and took them to the church for a “pajama” party. My heart was so thankful! I really don’t know what we would do without friends like this! About four agonizing hours later I was diagnosed with an UTI (urinary track infection). This is not particularly uncommon in women, but I had no idea how painful or severe it could be. I have been completely out of commission for almost a week! UGH!!! I’m wallowing in self pity right now! I. Missed. Everything! No driving to Denton, TX to see my brother in law’s graduation, or spending mother’s day with my mom, or spending time with family I rarely get to see!! I am still so bummed! While I was here with my own precious kiddos on mom’s day, I was pretty useless! I am a wimp, and I don’t handle illness well! When it’s my time to die, I pray God is merciful to me and especially my care takers, and that I go quickly! Is that enough self loathing for one day?

I am so thankful for Andrew! I love him so much, and can’t brag on him enough for how good of a husband and dad he is. He can completely take over for me when it’s necessary! We would all be starving to death if it were not for him, because I’ve not been cooking anything! Say a prayer for him/us too. He is now worried about all the expenses adding up! (This is something he does anyway! He has always been the money worrier in our relationship. I’m always like, we’ll budget it and figure it out.) I know I’m preaching to the choir here about bills, as we ALL have them. Andrew is just stressing because we are buying a house, going on a trip, we have these unexpected medical bills to be arriving soon, and the alternator on our car just went out. (My mom always says bad things happen in threes. Since there are only really two unexpected items on this list of expenses, I’m a little worried about number three! Shh! don’t tell Andrew!)

David and Emma are so precious. They just cannot comprehend why momma does not feel like playing outside or doing the “hot dog” dance! They have been attention deprived this week! David did make some really cute mom’s day pictures for me at school and church. Love!


David knows me pretty well! 🙂 (It’s funny how he thinks because I eat cereal for breakfast almost every day that it’s my favorite food! 😉 However, all things considered, I guess you could say it’s my favorite breakfast food! ) He also brought home muffins, and a coffee mug from school! His teacher is so thoughtful!

I always love things with their hand prints on them! I’m still trying to figure out the drawing…I’m sure it’s something cool! 😉


We are so little, our bodies and this life so fragile. Yet we are so amazing and beautiful! There is something other worldly about our spirits and the love we share.



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