Worth More Than Gold! Sunday, May 20, 2018

Worth More Than Gold! Sunday, May 20, 2018

About six months ago the pediatric dentist told us that David needed his front tooth removed. I have been fretting about it and trying to come to a decision on whether this was absolutely necessary for the last six months! A week ago we took David back to the dentist for his six month checkup and once again the dentist told us the tooth needed to come out. I went and listened to what the dentist had to say… Something about infection and it could affect his permanent tooth if not taken care of. That’s what made the decision for me.  This Wednesday David “lost” his first tooth! The process was a lot simpler than the horrible scary things I was imagining for the last six months! David drank some sleepy juice. After forty-five minutes they took him back, and five minutes later he was out with his took gone! David was a champion! He didn’t cry or fuss at all! We came home and he slept for several hours, and then was back to normal again.

The tooth Fairy visited David that night. 🙂  He was proud to wake up to six shiny quarters under his pillow! (A dollar fifty is still a lot of money to David! 🙂 )

We officially closed on our house Friday!!! Hooray!!! It’s unbelievable, we are homeowners! Yikes!! We are homeowners!! 🙂 We walked through the house to see the new paint and carpet. It is beautiful and we love it! However, the paint does not quite look the same on the walls as it did on the sample card. It has more of a blueish tent to it. I was expecting more of a silver/gray tent. Oh well, it is very bright and peaceful, and I think we will still love it.

I finally updated my worship music archives and piano recital pages! You can click on the page links to access them. I have uploaded some great music!! Today was my last Sunday at Wesley UMC! It is sad, and I will miss everyone. I continue to be overwhelmed by their unending generosity, kindness and support. They have always treated me and our family as part of their own church family. A dear friend and fellow musician, Blanche, made this cake! She obviously has many talents! It tasted amazing! So sweet! 🙂


I have received so many blessings this week as I have said goodbye to my students as well. They showered me with well wishes and gifts. Sometimes in the week to week it is hard to measure how much you are worth or appreciated by someone. You wonder if what you are doing is really making a difference to that person and in their life. If you have a teacher or someone who makes a difference in your life and who you appreciate. Show some act of appreciation and do something nice for them. It will mean a lot, otherwise they may not even know that you care or that they are making a difference.

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