Getting Settled. Sunday, June 17, 2018

Getting Settled. Sunday, June 17, 2018

The move was chaotically successful! 🙂 No matter how organized I think I am, when it comes right down to the actual moving day, I always wish I was more organized! The problem is we just have too much stuff! Even with having a yard sale and donating a lot, we still have too much! I don’t even know where some of it came from. I have things from my past and childhood, Andrew has things from his, and we both have a ton of books, papers, and music from our college careers. We are both very sentimental and have trouble parting with things from our past. After this last move though, I have decided it is time to make some tough decisions, and we are going to have to part with more things! With most books and sheet music being available digitally, there seems to be no real reason to keep a bunch of books and old music laying around. I would love some advice on this topic! I always feel terribly guilty about getting rid of any book or sheet music! If I decide to get rid of anything I can’t just throw it out, I have to donate it somewhere I know it will be used or recycled. However, I don’t really know where. Where is the best place to drop off books? What about CD’s? We have some of our own music on CD that I will never part with, but we also have a ton of CD’s that we never use. Everything is readily available for listening on youtube, or itunes, etc. I don’t feel the need to just keep lugging these things around. Not to mention I am tired of trying to figure out where to store things every time we move! Life shouldn’t be this difficult because of excess stuff!

It has been three days since we moved, and I have accomplished a lot in these three days! Here is what our house looked like when we first started.


Here is what it looks like now!

The kids love their playroom set up! I am not sure this is where it is going to stay, but it’s good for the moment. I am ecstatic about our new rug!! It looks amazing! The gray coffee table also looks great! I am going to repaint the end tables though. The aqua color clashes with the walls. I am just going to paint them the gray color to match the coffee table.

Anytime we make a move the first thing we always do is make sure our beds are set up. Then I make sure the bathrooms are organized and ready, and then the kitchen. If you can sleep, bathe, and eat, the rest of the house can be organized as time allows.

So far, the kids seem to have adjusted with no problem at all! They are sleeping good, and playing around as usual. It has been so terribly hot outside that it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors without water being involved!


Andrew had to leave for the Arkansas United Methodist Church annual conference today. Yes, on Father’s Day! It has been this way every year that I can remember. However, Andrew assures me that next year it will not be on Father’s day! I hope so, because I always hate not being able to celebrate the day with him. This year it has been so busy that I failed in making a big deal out of it anyway! This is one of those years where a phone call, and an I love you had to suffice. I know the men in my life understand. That’s how great they are!


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