The Little Things. Wednesday, June 11, 2018

The Little Things. Wednesday, June 11, 2018

Let me just begin by saying how thankful I am for Google maps. 🙂 What did people used to do before it? As a kid I remember my parents getting the giant paper map out when we would take trips to Florida, and highlighting the route in bright yellow. Now, with as much as we move around, I would spend half my time lost as a goose if I had to get around like that. Now all I have to do is a voice search for the nearest whatever I’m looking for. Push a button, and vwa-lah, it will take me right to it! (At least under most normal circumstances.) It’s the little things, that are actually big things if you ever had to do without them, that are important!

Lowe’s delivered our washer and dryer last week! Another thing I realized that I take for granted. As much as I complain about doing laundry, I am so thankful to have the luxury of not only the machine, but also the flexibility to do laundry here at the house on my own terms. I have actually done the laundry, folded and put it away the last couple times. Who knows if I can keep that up?

There was a rain shower yesterday! It lasted long enough to make some decent puddles in the driveway. Emma saw an opportunity to play. She first started stomping in the puddle, then she sat in it and began splashing. That was good entertainment for about fifteen minutes. 🙂


Lately when I practice piano I have had an audience. David and Emma will be playing around the house, and when I finish a piece (or randomly stop for whatever reason) they will begin clapping and saying “yay”! It is so sweet and cute! 🙂 Emma actually started doing it first, and then it became a thing for both of them. Emma has suddenly shown a renewed interest in the piano. She will climb up on the bench and “play” her songs.


Emma’s personality is really flourishing right now. She is also suddenly talking a lot more. When you ask her her name she will say “Emma”, with a big old smile! When she spills something, whether by accident or on purpose, she will say “I made a mess”. 🙂

This is Vacation Bible School week! Andrew and David have been at the church every evening, and so our dinner plans have been all awry. Emma and I have been having dinner together, while Andrew and David have been eating at the church. David is loving VBS though! He has been bringing home some of his art work, and telling me about all the songs he’s been singing. I love his dramatic coloring of Lazarus. 🙂


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