“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Sunday, July 22, 2018

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”. Sunday, July 22, 2018

Andrew LOVES baseball! He reminisces about watching baseball with his Gran as a very young child, and has some sort of connection to the sport that I couldn’t possibly understand. I have become acquainted with baseball in the last ten years and have come to appreciate it. I will never be the avid fan that my husband is. I like actually going to the game and watching the sport “live”. However, I’m pretty much that way with all sports. Andrew grew up watching the Atlanta Braves and is a Braves fan. I grew up in Missouri, so anytime the Braves are playing the St. Louis Cardinals I like to aggravate him by cheering for the Cardinals. 🙂 A little competition is healthy! 😉

Speaking of baseball, we went to a minor league game on Saturday evening. The Memphis Redbirds were playing, and we decided it would be a good evening activity for our family. Andrew took this great picture of us at the game! It’s already floating around his facebook, but I decided to share it with you too.


The kids had a great time, and loved sitting on the green space. There wasn’t a whole lot of sitting going on, but they had fun just the same. 🙂

Since Emma was sick earlier this past week she has been eating like a bird. I don’t know if her taste buds still aren’t back to normal, or if she is going through some kind of phase, or if it is the one thing she knows she can control right now? It’s driving me crazy! I need my barely twenty-two pound  baby to eat!!!! So I’ve been trying to make things I think she will like to eat. One of the things she loves is smoothies! She will inhale them. So I’ve been making smoothies and smoothie popsicles!


This is a mango, pineapple, banana smoothie! The kids loved it! I ended up making it twice this week. I didn’t measure anything when putting it in the blender, but I can give you eyeball amounts, depending on how much smoothie you wish to make of course. Mine made approximately two full glasses shown in the picture above. Add about two cups of  mango, pineapple, two bananas, and a cup of shaved ice. That’s it! Blend it up. (Normally I add plain greek yogurt to my smoothies, but was out. The kids loved the smoothie so much though I don’t know if I would add it now or not.)

Here is our menu for the week!

Monday: Lunch, Tacos. Dinner, Meatloaf, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday: Lunch, Hot Dogs and chips. Dinner, Steak, Asparagus, (leftover) mashed potatoes.

Wednesday: Lunch, Polish sausage and navy beans with broccoli. Dinner, Pizza and Salad.

Thursday: Lunch, Chicken Nuggets, fries, and green peas. Dinner, Pot Roast, carrots, green beans.

Friday: Lunch, out. Dinner, Grilled Salmon, corn on the cob, and rice. 

Saturday: Lunch, Cheeseburgers and chips. Dinner, Oven fried chicken thighs, roasted carrots and cauliflower, fried potatoes. 

Sunday: Lunch, BBQ pulled pork, potato salad, baked beans. Dinner: BBQ nachos. 


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