Then There Were Three! July 24, 2018

Then There Were Three! July 24, 2018

I have been sitting on a piece of news that I am so excited to share with you!!!  Meet baby Kjorlaug number three!!!! We are due to meet this precious baby December twenty-third! It’s going to make for a very special and memorable Christmas!

It’s A Boy!!!!

We found out today that we are having a boy!! We are ellated!

I had a pretty rough first trimester, and so I’m happy that the second one seems to have set in. The “morning” sickness was similar to when I was pregnant with Emma, and so I thought it must be another girl. I was almost convinced of it. I was wrong! Apparently the “morning” sickness really doesn’t reflect the gender at all. Oh well, it didn’t matter to me regardless. I just pray for healthy, happy babies!

Andrew and I have not decided on a boy name yet. We had agreed upon a girl name, but have not yet been able to come to a consensus on a boy name. It’s a good thing we still have a few months. 🙂

When we first told David that we were expecting a baby, he cried! 🙂 He was upset until we started talking about how Andrew and I both have two siblings. I then had to reassure him that I would still love him, and spend time with him. Today when we asked David if he wanted a brother or sister he said he wanted a boy baby. He’s geting a little brother! 🙂

Emma of course has no clue, and won’t care until the baby actually arrives. Then she’s going to care a great deal I’m afraid. I just hope she will adjust quickly, and want to “help” with the baby.

I’m not really into taking the preggo body selfies that seem to be popular. I always feel so big and bloated when I’m pregnant, and not really that beautiful at all. Andrew tells me I’m crazy, but he has to say that! 😉 I will do my best to keep you up to date on all the other fun stuff though! Like baby names, nursery ideas and themes, and any other wierd pregnancy things I do!

Thank you for sharing in our excitement!




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