Throwing in the towel! Thursday, August 9, 2018

Throwing in the towel! Thursday, August 9, 2018

After three days of potty training Emma, I have thrown in the towel! I was cleaning up mess after mess.  I have some of her potty times down, like she almost always goes after meal time. I was taking her to sit on the potty every twenty to thirty minutes (assuming she didn’t have an accident in-between). She would have some success going on the potty, but I couldn’t seem to get her to make the connection of needing to go sit on the potty before the accident! Plus, there were times I noticed she would get excited about something or upset and have an accident. Overall I feel Emma doesn’t have the necessary bladder control yet, and maturity wise she’s not quite ready. While she was showing interest in sitting and using the potty, and would get excited when she had successes,  everything is a game to her right now. I’m not ready to pull the mom card of “you have to sit on the potty”, or “if you pee or poop in your pants you’re going to be in trouble”. (Oh the things we say as moms! 🙂 ) I don’t feel she would totally understand, and I don’t want her to hate sitting on the potty…. When David was potty training (around 26 months) we reached a point where I knew he knew what he was supposed to do, and was just being stubborn about going to sit on the potty. Then I had no qualms about pulling those mom cards!

While part of me felt like a failure in not sticking with potty training Emma, another part of me was relieved. I hate starting something and not being able to finish, it always makes me feel like I failed. That’s just my perfectionist personality coming across. However, I want to do what’s best for my baby, and hopefully in another few months she will be more ready.

In other news, I painted our front door!!! It looks beautiful!! We chose a sea harbor blue for the color, and freshly painted the trimming a light grey! The only thing I’m missing now are some beautifully potted plants sitting around. (At this point I’m going to wait for the fall mums.)


We had a nice summer rain shower yesterday. I just love those type of rain showers, where there is no storm, just light refreshing rain! The kids had a blast running through the puddles! 🙂


We also had lunch on the porch!!! We love our screened in porch!!! We bought a fan for the porch, which makes it cooler, and the heat more tolerable. We are going to be sitting out there quite a bit this fall!


My sweet hearts!!! I was washing dinner dishes, and Andrew was in the living room with the kids. It is nice to be able to see from the kitchen into the living room while doing dishes! It gives me opportunity to watch the action, and snap pictures if I can get my hands dry from the dish water in time. 🙂

Emma’s getting a “horsey” ride from daddy!




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