Glucose. September 7, 2018

Glucose. September 7, 2018

Thursday I had an appointment to take the glucose test. (This is a common test during the middle of pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes.) I dread this test almost more than giving birth! 🙂 20180906_084050The sugary drink taste horrible!!! I can’t believe they can’t come up with a drink that taste better! Someone seriously needs to work on this. 🙂 It takes about an hour to get from our house to where my doctor is, and they are supposed to draw blood one hour after you finish the drink. So I drank this horrible drink while I was driving the car on the way to the clinic! My facial expression while drinking this drink was probably much worse than in this selfie I took! 🙂 Samuel seemed to enjoy the sugar rush though! He was doing flip flops for quite a while. 🙂 My test results came back good!!! Yay! At least that part is over!

Here is the picture of David with his pet turtle, Sheldon. David has been helping clean out Sheldon’s box, and giving him fresh water and lettuce. Sheldon seems to be a pretty happy turtle. (We’re going to turn him lose before the cold weather starts to set in. David seems to be okay with this.)20180907_162549_HDR

David has also been doing well at and enjoying school! I am very pleased to hear that he behaves at school and church! Am I the only parent who has a puzzled look of amazement when your kids teachers brag about how well your child behaves? Does this mean I am a terrible parent, and have horrible parenting skills? Or is this normal? Whatever the case, I am very pleased that he listens and does well for his teachers!

Emma had an eventful morning! We were playing in the living room, and she stepped on her butterfly net which went sliding out from under her. She then went face forward onto the floor! She hit hard, and at first I was afraid she maybe knocked out some teeth or something, but there was no blood. Later a knot emerged on her forehead though!  Poor baby! She was pretty cranky for quite a while after. She is happy again in the photo because we just ate her favorite meal, spaghetti, and she had a cookie for dessert. You can see the knot though! 20180907_125518_HDR

Emma is still showing interest in using the potty. She takes her diapers off when they are wet and she has started waking up dry in the mornings. She will even sometimes ask to sit on the potty and will actually go! The thing is she is so stubborn! Emma will only use the potty if SHE wants to, and if she doesn’t want to sit on the potty, there is no making her! She Will Not Go! I am trying to be patient and not pressure her about it. I’m hoping that letting it be her idea to go, that she will eventually just learn to do it! HELP!




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