A New Ride! Monday, November 12, 2018

A New Ride! Monday, November 12, 2018

It is official. Andrew and I have become typical and old! In the last six months we have become homeowners, bought a lawnmower, and now a family car has appeared on the scene. We have purchased a Chevy Acadia that has a third row, and capable of holding a soon to be family of five. We are all super excited about this new ride!! It is the nicest vehicle we have ever owned, by far! Our old cars are/were simply not large enough to put three car seats in, and we knew a new car was going to have to be purchased sometime before Samuel’s arrival.

After purchasing the car and driving it for awhile, we parked it carefully in our garage. Then Andrew and I both stood staring out the garage door window at it. We couldn’t stop looking at it! We are silly, proud and ridiculous! 🙂 David loves it almost more than we do however. He already claimed the back seat before we even purchased it, and was so excited to sit back there by himself. He then had to tell everyone we came into contact with yesterday at church that we had a new car! It was funny and almost embarrassing! 🙂

I have some recipe’s to share with you that I’ve tried in the last week! First, a roasted beef tenderloin recipe! It was so amazingly delicious and easy to fix!!! Great for a week night or even a fancy gathering! All you do is smother the meat in kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper with a couple other optional seasonings. Roast it on an oven safe rack at 475 for fifteen to twenty minutes or until the inserted thermometer reaches about 140 degrees. Here is the recipe for Roasted Beef Tenderloin! Andrew had a butcher cut and trim us a tenderloin. Otherwise, they can be very expensive, plus you have to go to all the work to trim the fat off if the butcher doesn’t.


I also fixed scalloped potatoes as a side dish with the tenderloin. Mine didn’t look exactly like the picture on the recipe and I’m not sure exactly why, but it still tasted amazing! I love anything that involves potatoes and cheese anyway! 🙂 Here is the recipe for Scalloped Potatoes.


By the way, as I sit here and type the carpet is being laid in the nursery!!! I know, it’s about time! I can’t wait till they are finished, and I can get in there and put the finishing touches on it! Keep you posted!



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