Snuggles and Hugs! Monday, February 11, 2019

Snuggles and Hugs! Monday, February 11, 2019

This is me enjoying precious baby snuggles! Isn’t that face so sweet, precious, and adorable! 🙂 I love these times.20190201_155346

It’s hard to believe that Samuel is seven almost eight weeks old! We are starting to get into a routine around here. He is taking naps both in the morning and afternoon. At night he is somewhat unpredictable still, but on a good night he sleeps from around 8:30 to 12:30. I nurse him and then he sleeps from about 1:00-3:00, and from 3:30 to 6:00. I then nudge Andrew and say, “Will you please go get him for me?”. Andrew brings him to bed where Samuel nurses and we, I mean he, sleeps for a little while longer. 😉 Most of the time he goes back to sleep easily during the night, but occasionally he will wake up after you put him down. When you go into his room to check on him he will look up at you with those bright eyes and big sweet smile. Who needs sleep when you have that sweet, happy face staring back at you!? 🙂

Samuel had his first zoo trip last week! He enjoyed the ride in his stroller. It made for a good nap 🙂 Emma had a blast at the zoo! She enjoys it more now than she did back in the fall! She loved seeing all the animals. Emma especially likes to see baby animals, and any animal that appears small is a baby. 🙂

I enjoyed the zoo trip too for multiple reasons. The weather was beautiful, it was a chance to get out of the house, and I got to spend time with other adults! (This is a big deal!) I was invited to go with a group of moms that I’ve come to know through Bible study. They are wonderful ladies, and I am blessed, honored and grateful to know them and to say that I have some mom friends!

After the zoo I took Emma to eat lunch. I’m the only mom who forgot to bring lunch to the zoo… Oops! Emma was offered a PB&J sandwich, which most kids would love, but not mine. I don’t know why, but my kids won’t touch peanut butter with a ten foot pole! When we got in the car to go home I asked Emma what she wanted to eat. She said, “tacos”. Emma LOVES tacos and pizza! We had a mommy/daughter lunch date at a Mexican restaurant. 🙂 (Samuel was there too, but he just slept through lunch. 😉 )20190205_130849

That same day David was at school. He was needing a haircut, and had been for a couple weeks. Andrew picked him up from school and they went to the barber shop together. Aren’t they handsome!!


It’s hard to believe David is getting so big!! I have to buy him size small in boys clothing now! No more toddler sizes! 😦 Thursday evening we went to preview night at the school where he will be attending kindergarten in the fall. I am in denial about it all, and I keep telling myself we still have a long time before August! The good thing is that he is excited about school, and loved visiting all the classrooms. As a parent we want our children to have the best possible, well rounded education. We trust that between the teachers and what we teach and reinforce at home they will get just that. I’m sure a lot of prayers will be needed as well!

David was invited to a friends birthday party on Saturday. It was at a skating rink. This was David’s first time on roller skates! Andrew took him to the party while I stayed home with Emma and Samuel. I made sure Andrew took pictures and sent them to me! Skating has a special place in my heart. We used to go skating as a family all the time when I was a kid. I have so many great memories of my dad and mom falling down. 🙂 (Sorry Dad and Mom, but you know it’s true! 😉 ) Skating with cousins and friends, and I remember my sister skating when she was about Emma’s age. She would try to imitate what everyone else was doing. 🙂 A very special memory I have is of my grandparents. They loved roller skating together. They would couple skate, and did so until they were way up in years!  Those memories are now more precious to me than ever!


When David comes home from school Emma will excitedly exclaim, “David!”, and they will hug each other. I love this! They may aggravate each other and fight, but they love each other too! It’s all part of being siblings! 🙂

We made muffins last night! I had some blueberries and strawberries that needed to be used, and this is a great way to do that. I made two batches of the recipe I’m about to share. One with blueberries and one with strawberries of course! 🙂 I may have shared this recipe before, I honestly can’t remember. (Sorry, please keep in mind that I’m going on limited sleep here!) The recipe is so good though that I don’t mind sharing it again! I used the crumble topping on both kinds of muffins! They are amazing! You will never want to buy the package muffin mix again! To Die for Blueberry Muffins



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