Moments of Weakness! February 28, 2019

Moments of Weakness! February 28, 2019


Andrew and I finally went on a valentine’s dinner date! We ate at a restaurant called Flight in Memphis. We love this restaurant!! It is truly a food experience. I ordered the seafood flight, and I am in love with the scallop dish. I wish I could cook scallops like that! We loved spending the evening to ourselves, well, almost to ourselves. Samuel was our little side kick, but he behaved quite well. 🙂 I am just not ready to leave him with a baby sitter yet. While I have enough milk pumped, I’m not sure if he would actually take a bottle. Plus, I’m just an emotional wreck when I leave them at this age. I know…, but I can’t help it.


Samuel had his two month well visit to the pediatrician, and he is a whopping 14 pounds! He is the first of our babies to put on weight! David and Emma were and still are light weights! I believe Samuel has found his tongue, as evidenced in the picture below! 🙂 Samuel is still having re-flux problems, and has been keeping me up at night. The pediatrician prescribed him some medicine to try. I did not want to give it to him because he gags on it when I do. However, after a very rough week of sleepless nights, I have decided to go ahead and give it a try (especially at night). I know how miserable heartburn can be. It kept me awake for nearly the last two months of pregnancy! Hopefully it will work, and we can both get some sleep at night. Other than when his tummy is upset, Samuel is a very happy baby! He loves to talk and smile at you! He is definitely a Kjorlaug baby!

This is David and Emma eating their afternoon snack. Yes, I am a terrible mom, I let them have Oreos! I have a weakness for the cookie, and I tend to give into it every now and then! 😉 Life is short…


I love this picture! We went to eat lunch at a restaurant to get out of the house. We were desperate!!! It was raining and had been for like a week or more. It was even raining while we were sitting in the restaurant, and so we just hung out until it slacked off enough to walk to our vehicle.


Andrew was out of town from Sunday to Wednesday at the United Methodist Church annual conference. We missed him sooooo much!!!! I was saved by my mom coming to stay with us for a couple days. She was a great help, and the kids loved having her come. We took the kids to the children’s museum on Monday and then went to eat pizza. On Tuesday mom took David to school, and picked him up. David loved having Nana take him to school. 🙂 We enjoyed visiting and spending time together. It’s always great to be with my mom.

Emma has reached her terrible two stage! She can really be quite sassy sometimes! It’s hard to discipline her because she’s so dang cute and little. However, I know if we don’t she’s going to be a holy terror. I know, it’s hard to believe, but our kids come by their stubbornness honestly. 😉 Also, let me just say that her speech is also far too good! She can say things I wish she couldn’t! We were at the mexican restaurant the other night, and I don’t know if it was the sugar in the lemonade or what, but she was wired!! Could not sit still, and was totally refusing to listen. I made her go to her room when we got home where she stayed until bed time. I can only pray that I make good parenting decisions when it comes to disciplining. It’s not my strong point. Lord help me with this child!!


I was practicing piano a couple nights ago, and there was a mosquito buzzing around me!!! What?!! It’s only February!!! It’s going to be a LONG summer!!!


I titled this blog moments of weakness for a few reasons. One, I am very sleep deprived right now, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed I guess. Two, I want to keep it real. I am not a perfect mom, and I definitely have my moments of weakness just like any one else. Three, I am very tired. Did I say that already? Oh yes, there are things I need and want to do, but they will just have to wait until I can do them.

I have to remember that these moments too will pass.





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