Building Tree Houses and Memories!

Building Tree Houses and Memories!

When I was about nine or ten my dad built my siblings and I a tree house. A very tall tree house! The platform was probably around ten feet tall.  It was next to a big gum ball tree. (I don’t know if that is the official name of the tree, but it’s one of those that grows spiky balls.) My dad hung a rope on one of the branches of the tree.  I would take the rope, climb up the tree house and swing off. I used to spend hours doing this! I would pretend like I was Tarzan or something! 🙂 We had so much fun on that tree house.

This past weekend my dad and mom came for a long weekend. Guess what they did? Yep, they built a tree house! I am so glad our kids will get to know the joys of playing in a tree house! Yes, I’m very sentimental about some things. 🙂

My dad worked non-stop for about three whole days! David was so excited to build a tree house with his Papa! He stayed right outside with him and helped almost the whole time! I love seeing them do things like this together. They definitely built some memories this weekend too! The tree house has a platform of five feet, with three swings and a slide.

This is like day one of the building process. Emma spent quite a lot of time outside too!


We all went to church Sunday too. This was Emma sitting at the table in her Sunday school class room. I love those pig tails! 🙂


By Sunday evening the tree house looked like this!


This is the tree house by Monday afternoon. Finished, minus the slide and the roof.


The kids love swinging on the swings! Samuel got to swing for the first time! I’d say he liked it. 🙂 He was three months old yesterday too!


Andrew attached the slide today, and the kids got to try it out. Let’s just say that it is super fast and fun! 🙂


My favorite picture of the weekend is this one with David and my dad. Andrew got their picture together after they signed their names on the tree house. I don’t know if you can read it from the picture, but it says, “David n’ David built this tree house. 2019”




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