The Greatest Adventure, Motherhood! May 16, 2019

The Greatest Adventure, Motherhood! May 16, 2019

I was happy to spend mother’s day weekend with my mom! When you are a kid you don’t really think of your parents as being people with a life. With a history before you. An individual you can get to know as someone other than your parent. I’ve thought a lot about this in recent years, with the passing of my grandparents. I find it more important than ever to spend time with my parents, and get to know them as people. I want to know trivial things about them, and hear their words of practical life wisdom.  I was blessed with wonderful parents who cared about me and my siblings. They sacrificed to make sure we had everything we needed and most of what we wanted. They did their best to educate us, academically and otherwise. They taught us by example what it meant to work hard, be honest, and to treat others with respect. Now that I’m a parent I am starting to understand how difficult of a job this is!


Now that I’ve been all sentimental, let’s get back to mother’s day weekend! 🙂 The kids had a blast. Emma couldn’t wait to see the chickens and the bunnies (my parents live in the woods, and have chickens and bunnies), and David wanted to go to the park and play, and shoot guns with Papa (My dad shoots at targets while David sits next to him and watches. David is fascinated and collects the empty shells. I suspect he will want to go hunting with dad when he gets old enough.) This was Samuel’s first time to go to my parents house! He did not sleep well the first night, but did better the next two. Overall he was a pretty happy little guy. He loved all the attention from Papa and Nana! 🙂 He also had his first bath in the kitchen sink!:) This is a tradition with all the kids.


Sunday morning before church, David and Emma told me happy mother’s day. They then proceeded to go through the house and find things to ‘give’ me. 🙂 It was so sweet! 🙂  We then went to church on Mother’s day, and David told his teachers what he wanted to write on his mother’s day paper. He’s so funny and sweet! 🙂


My mom made me cheesecake! She knows what I like!;) I’ll have to share the recipe with you sometime. It’s a lemon cheesecake.

If you are wondering what motherhood is like I have an excellent example from this weekend! Monday afternoon we were fixing to leave my parents house. I had everyone dressed, the car loaded, and we were ready to go. I checked Samuel’s diaper to discover he had a poop explosion! He needed clean clothes and everything. While I’m changing Samuel I hear Emma at the front door saying she needs to wash her hands. I call out to my dad to go and help her because I’m in the middle of changing Samuel. He comes carrying her in the house, and she is covered in mud from head to toe! She had jumped in some mud puddle or something! I then had to go get Emma a clean set of clothes. Luckily David managed to stay dressed and somewhat clean! We finally got everyone changed and in the car! Motherhood is crazy chaos with a ton of love!

David graduated preschool this week! His graduation ceremony was so cute. They walked down the aisle and sang songs and quoted things they had learned throughout the year. They did an amazing job! In the program, they had typed up a paragraph from each student. You can read David’s below. It’s hysterical! Apparently he loves going to Papa and Nana’s so much he’s going to move there and live with someone, he just doesn’t know who yet! BWAH-HAHA!!! 🙂 I love it!

I actually didn’t cry at his graduation. I keep telling myself we have ALL. SUMMER. LONG. I don’t need to think about Kindergarten….

I took these really cute photos of David and Samuel this week. Samuel LOVES it when David and Emma talk and interact with him. He gives the biggest smiles!

It’s starting to feel a little like summer around here. Our Magnolia tree is blooming, and they smell beautiful too!20190514_112437_HDR~2



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