Sink or Swim? July 15, 2019

Sink or Swim? July 15, 2019

David has never liked water in his face. Since he was a baby he would cry if water got on his face. When we would go on vacation and go swimming in a pool, David would refuse to get in and just play along the edge of the pool. Recently when taking a bath David would sparsely wet his hair to make us believe he had washed it. We would get on to him for this deception of course, but it wasn’t getting to the root of the problem which was his fear of water. This summer we decided it was past time for him to take swimming lessons. I spent the last week and a half taking David to and from his swim class. The first day went exactly as I expected it to. David hated it! He cried and begged not to go back. Later that evening Andrew worked with him on “catching a bubble” and sticking his face in the water. It took thirty minutes before he finally did it, and he was so proud. The second day of swim class actually went much better. He was proud of being able to stick his face in the water. Then the next few days came the problem of him being afraid to get his feet off the bottom of the pool. We went to a friends house to practice swimming in their pool a few days last week. We worked with him on kicking, getting away from the side of the pool, and getting his feet off the bottom of the pool. I can’t say we were successful at getting him to swim, but at least he’s no longer afraid to wash his hair!


Fear is a crazy thing. It makes us tense up and unable to perform the task at hand. I would say to David, “Relax and your body will float. Your tense muscles are causing you to sink!” He apparently doesn’t trust his mama because it didn’t matter what I said, he was not going to listen! We are going to try to make sure he is exposed to more swimming opportunities this summer, and he will probably take more lessons next summer. Honestly, I’m proud of him for getting his face wet and trying! This is actually a life lesson. If we could just overcome our fears we would be able to be and do amazing things! I’ve often dealt with this same sort of paralyzing fear when performing. I’ve learned that you can’t let fear get the better of you. You overcome fear by facing it over and over and over again. With lots of practice and self confidence one can learn to lock fear away, and channel the extra adrenaline to help you perform better.


At least one of our children is not afraid of the water. 🙂 Samuel LOVES the water! He loves sitting in that little yellow float tube. I actually think he could swim if I was brave enough to let go of him! He kicks his feet and basically floats on his own. However I could NEVER without the help of someone professionally trained perhaps, let go of him to find out!  My heart rate accelerates just thinking about it.

Samuel is almost seven months old! He has learned to sit up, and is now crawling! I cannot believe how fast they grow in the first year of life! The first picture above shows Samuel playing at the children’s museum. It was his first visit where he could actually play in the baby area! The second picture is just a bundle of cuteness having precious baby dreams!:) I know I’ve said this before, but watching your children grow, learn, and discover new things gives you an opportunity as a parent to experience the magic of discovery and learning something for the first time all over again just by watching them. It truly is a precious gift!


We visited the library on Thursday after swim class! They were having the Arkansas game commission as their special guest. Last year we went, and they had fish. This year was turtles! David and Emma love anything nature and were excited to see the turtles! We had just caught a green slider turtle in our yard only the week before too! It was a big turtle so we didn’t keep it. The turtle was happy to swim away in the pond!


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