Good Night. August 2, 2019

Good Night. August 2, 2019

Dear Samuel,

I love you more than you can know! You are nearly seven and a half months old. Why do you not yet sleep through the night? I am tired, and getting more so with each passing day. I’ve loved and cherished our sleepless nights together. I will never forget the dreamy smiles, your precious face as I rock you back to sleep, the nights where you cry because your gums or belly hurt, and the nights where you think it is time to play instead of sleep. While I wishes those days would never pass because I know they will all too quickly, I also know they must. It’s part of growing up healthy. I want the best for you. You are my third baby so I know I should know what to do, right? I should have all the answers by now, right? However, you, your brother and sister have proven that we are all different. David slept through the night around six months. Emma at four months. When will you reach that stage where you consistently sleep through the night? I love you so much! Please start sleeping all night soon.

Your loving, tired mother.


Speaking of differences, Samuel is also the most difficult baby at meal time. He hated sitting in his high chair. He would cry every time. I don’t know why, maybe he’s claustrophobic and doesn’t like being closed in by the food tray. So I put him in one of those little green pod seats that hooks to a chair, and put him at the table. That made him happier for a while. Now his frustration comes with not yet being able to eat like we do. He wants to eat what every one else is eating (he doesn’t have any teeth yet, so this creates a problem), and he wants to feed himself! I don’t need to point out the problem with the later. Samuel is so messy! I finely dice small bits of food and fruit so he can feel included. However, by the time he is done eating he has food all over the table, floor, chair, and himself. He pretty much needs a bath after every meal!

Our independent Samuel is also crawling like a champ and pulling up on furniture.

Here are some pictures of David and Emma with their caps and gloves before they went to the ball game with Andrew this evening. Cutie pies!

Sweet Dreams 😉


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