Grocery Store Happenings! Sept. 19, 2019

Grocery Store Happenings! Sept. 19, 2019

Last week while David was in school Emma, Samuel and I went to the grocery store. We went through the produce section and picked out fruits and vegetables. We then went towards the juice and yogurt section. While picking out yogurt I looked down and noticed that Samuel’s leg was stuck in-between the two medal bars in front of the cart next to the big opening where his leg was supposed to be. I tried to slide his leg out. It wouldn’t budge. I tried every angle, and his leg was not moving! At this point I’m starting to get a little panicked! Plus, Samuel is getting frustrated too. We walk over to the deli area and I ask the sweet lady there for help. She looks down and noticed the problem, and goes to get some crisco butter spray. We lubricate Samuel’s leg. Samuel’s leg still does not budge! By this point we have created quite the scene, and people are starting to come over to help. A couple guys try bending the bars, but cannot. A couple store managers go get a crow bar. Do I even need to even mention how freaked out I am at this point? Emma seems oblivious to what is happening and she is over getting her beloved white powdered donuts to throw in the cart, which she does. Finally the store managers are able to bend the cart enough to get Samuel’s leg out!! Talk about relief for everyone!!! Samuel was just fine and stopped crying immediately, he only had a small bruise. I needed a drink, and I don’t even drink! 🙂 I profusely thanked all the people for helping, and I know those store employees are never going to forget us! We then continued to finish our grocery shopping. I carried Samuel on my hip for almost the rest of the time, I did put him back in the cart for a little while to check out. I didn’t want him to be afraid of sitting in the cart after that! How he managed to get his leg stuck like that I will never know!

Samuel is nine months old today! He is getting big too fast! He crawls like a champion, and walks around everything. He FINALLY cut his four front teeth! Samuel can say Mama and Dada, has the thickest head of hair, is VERY LOUD when he wants something, and is the most cuddly of all our babies.

In the pictures Emma and Samuel are playing in the sand. Emma says she is making the beach. She puts a pile of sand with some sea shells, and then pours a puddle of water. 🙂 We are in beach thinking mode around here because we are headed to Florida in a couple weeks! We are all so excited and ready for a vacation!

Emma had her first day of PDO (parents day out). She goes twice a week, and loves it!  (Notice the Zoe photo bomb! 🙂 )

The very day that I took Emma for her first day of PDO I was feeling really depressed! I miss my babies when they are at school! So I decided to go have lunch with David! I was very glad to go spend a few minutes with him.


David loves school! He is doing excellent and making super grades! At his school they have house teams. There are four houses, Emberhart, Finchfeather, Grizzledash, and Oakrivet. Students are placed in a house based on personality and character traits. (If you are familiar with Harry Potter, it’s a little bit like the houses of Hogwarts! 🙂 ) They have a reveal party where all the new kids find out what house they are in, and David was placed in Grizzledash (house traits: courageous, leading the charge, unafraid, responsibility, charisma, passion, and resourcefulness). He was so excited!! A couple weeks later they also have a parent reveal party, and Andrew and I both took the quiz and where placed in Oakrivet (house traits: integrity, honesty, strength, patience, wisdom, and persistence). All traits we are going to need an extra heavy dose of in order to raise our children successfully! 🙂

Ever since Leah and I returned from our trip to Pawhuska, I have been trying some new recipes! One of the pastries I tried at the shop was a blueberry scone. They were divine! I wanted to see if I could recreate them at home. I was pretty close! Not bad for a first try. Mine are not as pretty, but the taste is almost the same. There are a few more recipes I want to try before deciding on my favorite one. Here is the recipe I used for my Blueberry scones. Please don’t think it is the wrong one. It will say Maple Oat Nut Scones when you click on the link. (Yes, I could have just made those, but I wanted blueberry! I never take the easy road!) Here are the ingredients to the recipe: Three cups of flour,(leave out the oats)1/3 cup of sugar, 5 teaspoons of baking powder, 1tsp of salt, two sticks of butter, 1 large egg, 3/4 cup of heavy cream, and blueberries (I cut the blueberries in half, about 1 cup). I then made my own glaze. Just a simple powdered sugar glaze.


I also loved the “blistered” green beans at the restaurant. I wanted to see if I could make them as well. The recipe is really simple! It’s just fresh green beans, sauteed in butter. Then after the beans have softened add some soy sauce, and pepper. They taste really good! Here is the recipe for blistered green beans!




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