Beauty at the Beach! Sunday, October 6, 2019

Beauty at the Beach! Sunday, October 6, 2019


We just spent the last week on vacation in Navarre, Florida. It’s kind of an almost yearly tradition of ours to rent a condo with Jim and Alesia, Andrew’s parents, for a week at the beach somewhere. We always have a fabulous time, and this year was no different! The beach (and the company) never disappoints! When people ask me how we liked the beach, no matter what beach it is, I always say as long as there is water and sand, I’m a happy gal! 🙂 I LOVE the beach. My husband tells me I have an unhealthy relationship with the beach. 🙂

The kids did great on the long drive to and from the beach. If there is one thing I can brag about with our kids, it’s that they travel really well! Even Samuel did better than I expected. When traveling I always make sure to have plenty of snacks handy, books, colors and coloring books, and kindles charged! I have no shame when sitting in the car for eight or nine hours about letting the kids watch movies and play their kindle games! It’s how I keep my sanity!

When we arrived at the condo we unpacked, enjoyed the views from our balcony, and then headed down to the beach! That first walk down to the beach is always so exciting! I love the sound of the waves, the smell, and the cool salty breeze! We did not get into the water that evening, but walked along the beach and played in the sand. Later that evening we walked out onto the pier that went out over the ocean next to our condo. The view of the beach at sunset was spectacular.

The next morning we all (all includes Samuel, David, Emma and myself) woke up early! We always wake up early at home, generally before sunrise, but we never get to see the sunrise because we are busy getting ready for the day. At the beach the sunrise was right outside our windows over the ocean waters. I’ve never seen anything so spectacular and beautiful than the sunrises I saw last week. Yes, I said sunriseS! 🙂 Several mornings we walked down to the beach to walk along the shore and view the sunrise.

Aren’t the colors spectacular, and the pictures don’t really do it justice at all! It’s amazing how fast it all happens too! A lot of mornings we scoured the beach in hunt of sea shells, jelly fish, crabs, and anything wondrously mysterious that might have washed up on the beach. I love the picture of the kids on the balcony, and Emma’s bright red hair. 🙂 Her hair is as beautiful as the sunrise. If you look carefully at the picture of David holding his fish net and bucket, he has written his name on the sand. Plus you can see all our foot prints and a hand print. 🙂

Our days consisted of going back and forth from the beach, to the swimming pool, to the condo, and then all over again. It’s the life! 🙂 David is a lot like me and generally loves everything about the beach. He loved playing in the surf, getting buried in the sand, and playing in the swimming pool. Emma was afraid of the ocean, and would only play in the sand. The picture of her sitting on the beach playing with her sand toys was what she was happy doing. Emma is afraid of water anyway, but the sound of the waves I think made it even more scarier to her. Samuel was happy to explore all aspects of his surroundings. 🙂 He loved to play in the sand. Yes, he even tried to eat it a few times.  He liked putting his feet in the ocean, as long as it didn’t splash in his face, and he generally loved pool time. As long as he still had his naps throughout the day, he was a happy guy. Oh, and that good looking fellow walking up the beach, he enjoyed beach time too. 😉 Andrew is funny about the beach. He likes the ocean, but hates the sand. Go figure, Bwah-hahaha….!!! 🙂 He is so hilarious! I figured out how to get him to help sweep the floor around the house too! Just sprinkle some sand around! He can’t stand it! He loves going to the beach because he knows I love it so much! He’s so sweet!

Mid week we decided to take the kids miniature golfing. They had never been before. It was so great! David is old enough to actually learn how, so we worked with him on how to hold his putter, and hit the ball. Emma had one of those little kid putters and she was so funny. She would swing it with one arm, and then run up and put her ball next to the hole and hit it in. 🙂 This golf place also had twenty-four flavors of ice cream, which we then indulged in afterwards! In case you are wondering, Andrew won. 😉

Most of our days ended with the best kind of tired you can be! In fact, the kids were so tired they actually did not want to go crab hunting, but one night! David loved it that night though when we caught several crabs to put in his bucket.

A couple mornings it was just me and Samuel walking the beach to see the sunrise. He was my walking buddy. 🙂 Almost every morning we saw dolphins not far from the shore too!

One afternoon we all dressed up, and went down to the beach to take a few pictures. Jim brought his professional camera for the job! We all then went to dinner. (Speaking of dinner. I ate some of the best broiled scallops, shrimp, and fried alligator I’ve ever had! Yes, I ate alligator) The pictures turned out great! Here are a few of my favorites.


Now back to normal life! LOL!



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