Fun on the Farm! October 23, 2019

Fun on the Farm! October 23, 2019

David had this past Friday off from school, so we (We includes myself and the kids. Andrew had to work all weekend. We missed him, but were able to still have a good time.) took advantage of the extra long weekend and went to visit my parents. The kids LOVE going to Papa and Nana’s house! They always look forward to seeing the chickens and the bunnies, playing outside, having hot dog roasts, spending the night in their own special bed at Nana’s house, and visiting with Papa and Nana. They not only got to do all that, but we also spent a whole day at a pumpkin farm! We did something similar a couple weeks ago, when I wrote about the kids picking out their pumpkins. However, the farm in Missouri was geared for a full day of fun and activities for the kids!

There was animals to pet and feed, games to play, tricycles to ride, a giant slide, a huge trampoline, tree houses with more slides, obstacle courses to balance on, a giant corn maze, and…, well you get the idea! We all had a wonderful time! The kids played all day, and Samuel had so much fun that he fell asleep on my lap during the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. He’s such a cute little pumpkin. 🙂 The kids did not pick any pumpkins this time since we already had pumpkins at home, but we enjoyed the ride!

Speaking of having a fun time, I believe my parents had more fun than the kids! They went through the haunted house, which was for ages twelve and up. I gladly stayed with the kids while they were doing this. I’m not much for scary anything! There was also a few times I looked up to see them going down slides, riding tricycles, and playing games with the kids! 🙂

That evening after the farm we had a hot dog roast! The kids love doing this, and if I’m going to eat a hot dog this is the best way! There is just something about a hot dog being cooked over an open flame that makes it taste so much better! We also had an early birthday celebration for Emma! Emma’s birthday is the twenty-ninth. She will be three years old! (Sniff, Sniff! How is my baby girl three!?) We are having her actual birthday party this weekend, but my parents have other obligations and won’t be able to come. So they wanted to have cake and gifts for her while we were there.

This is the first birthday for Emma that we are not buying her baby toys. We are actually buying her little girl toys, and things that she likes. She has been able tell me what she wants for her party, and of course she wants a Mickey Mouse party. 🙂 I love my baby girl, and can’t help but feel sad that she is growing up so quickly. More on the Mickey Mouse party to come!



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