Oh Boy! Happy Birthday Emma! October 28, 2019

Oh Boy! Happy Birthday Emma! October 28, 2019

Three years ago Andrew and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! It was a Friday night, and we had finished dinner at the local diner. We went home to put David to bed and to watch our Friday night show, Blue Bloods. We love Tom Selleck! I was having some contractions throughout the evening. We had just begun to watch Blue Bloods when the contractions started getting serious and close together. I reached the point that I could no longer focus on watching the show. Andrew finally insisted that we go to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital around ten o’clock that night, and Emma Sue was born around two-thirty in the morning.   Emma is sweet, intelligent, red headed and stubborn to match. She loves playing with David and Samuel, and wants to keep up with everything David does. She loves Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, and her favorite color is yellow!

Emma was very specific about the birthday party she wanted. She of course wanted a Mickey Mouse party! We looked through pictures of cakes to find the perfect cake that she wanted. We came across a picture of the cake that Mickey has in the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where it’s his birthday. That was it! It was the perfect color and everything! I was actually very happy she picked this one because it was pretty easy to make. I used my new favorite chocolate cake recipe with buttercream frosting! I used a nine inch pan for the head and six inch pans for the ears. I decorated the house with some mickey mouse streamers, and we had a party! We all had a hot dog time! (Sorry, I can’t resist! 🙂 ) I love Emma’s face as we are fixing to have cake. 🙂 Also, if you look closely at the first picture on the bottom, you will notice a little hand sneaking some frosting! Hahaha!! Since Samuel’s not old enough for cake and ice cream he had a frozen fruit cycle! 🙂 I love that the kids had a great time! It got a little crazy during the opening of presents, and I don’t even know if Emma knew what was happening or what she was getting! I love it! LOL!

In other events of the weekend, there was Hullabaloo and trunk or treat at the church! We had a wonderful, crazy time, and we were all wore out by Sunday evening! Here are some of the pictures from Hullabaloo! (In case you are wondering, Hullabaloo is a like a big fall festival.) The kids LOVE playing the games and getting the prizes.

After Hullabaloo we went and got Halloween costumes for the kids. Emma wanted to be Mickey Mouse. Surprise! 🙂 David wanted to be either a zombie skeleton or a lego ninja. He decided to go with the lego ninja because he wants to wear his costume to school on Thursday. At school their costume has to be a character from a favorite book. David is currently into Ninjago which is a show on Netflix that he likes to watch, but he also has some of the books. Samuel is the cutest dragon you will ever see! 🙂 Here is a sneak preview of Halloween 2019!

Happy Halloween!


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